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Phoenix snipers update 7/28/2006

Posted by thebosun on July 28, 2006

Phoenix police continue their efforts to inform the public about a pair of serial predators in metropolitan Phoenix.  Phoenix police are looking for at least two serial killers, the “Baseline Killer” has been linked to a series of sexual assaults, robberies and six killings. The “Serial Shooter” has been definitively connected to four incidents – the Dec. 29 wounding of a man and the shootings of several dogs and a horse. But, the shooter is believed responsible for five killings and 17 shootings targeting people, including a nonfatal Saturday shooting of a Mesa, Arizona man riding his bicycle to work.

Phoenix police have compiled a list of sniper related shootings on their website as follows:

The lead homicide detective has advised on this case that as this investigation on a series of possibly related shootings continues, incidents have been added to this list, making it a total of 34 possibly related incidents.

Anyone with information is asked to call Phoenix Police at 602-262-6141 or Silent Witness.


1. Phoenix 700 W Camelback Rd 5-24-05 0030 Homicide
2. Phoenix 1610 N 83rd Ave 6-26-05 0108 Criminal Damage Shooting
3. Tolleson 1500 N 83rd Ave 6-29-05 0332 Homicide
4. Tolleson 504 N Georgia Way 6-29-05 0850 Animal Shooting
5. Tolleson 1204 W Alzora Way 7-19-05 1800-0530 Animal Shooting
6. Phoenix 3002 n 87th Ave 7-20-05 0008 Animal Shooting
7. Avondale 2311 N 107th Ave 7-25-05 1900-0140 Animal Shooting
8. Tolleson 907 N Alzora Way 7-25-05 unk time Animal Shooting
9. Tolleson 901 N Lizanne Way 8-5-2005 unk time Animal Shooting
10. Phoenix 6828 W Heatherbrae Dr 8-6-2005 1234 Animal Shooting
11. Glendale 5001 N 61st Dr 11-11-05 2145 Animal Shooting
12. Glendale 5102 N 65th Ave 11-11-05 2148 Animal Shooting
13. Phoenix 3029 E Glenrosa Ave 12-29-05 2223 Animal Shooting
14. Phoenix 900 W Woodland Ave 12-29-05 2339 Shooting
15. Phoenix 200 N 10th Ave 12-29-05 2339 Homicide
16. Phoenix 100 S 10th Ave 12-29-05 2339 Homicide
17. Phoenix 3401 E Granada Rd 12-30-05 0010 Animal Shooting
18. Phoenix 3400 E Van Buren St 12-30-05 0015 Shooting
19. Phoenix 2802 N 34th St 12-30-05 unk time Animal Shooting
20. Phoenix 4000 W Camelback Rd 3-10-06 0130 Shooting
21. Phoenix 427 N 44th St 5-2-06 2205 Shooting
22. Scottsdale 6100 E Thomas Rd 5-2-06 2200 Homicide
23. Phoenix 4820 N 89th Ave 5-30-06 2305 Shooting
24. Phoenix 7002 W Indian School Rd 5-31-05 0137 Shooting
25. Phoenix 8600 W Camelback Rd 5-31-06 0146 Shooting
26. Phoenix 7800 W Indian School Rd 6-8-06 2332 Shooting
27. Phoenix 10100 W Camelback Rd 6-11-06 2225 Shooting
28. Phoenix 901 E Indian School Rd 6-20-06 0158 Shooting
29. Phoenix 4403 E Van Buren St 6-20-06 0221 Shooting
30. Phoenix 2515 E Van Buren St 7-1-06 0123 Shooting
31. Phoenix 1600 E Oak St 7-1-06 0153 Shooting
32. Phoenix 2535 E Indian School Rd 7-3-06 0312 Shooting
33. Phoenix 4200 N 44th St 7-8-06 0240 Shooting
34. Phoenix 5012 E Van Buren St 7-8-06 0303 Shooting

Serial Crimes News Conference

The news conference held Tuesday July 11, 2006 that covered the serial crime spree can be viewed here. Watch the News Conference Video

Safety TipsConsejos de Seguridad

Additional information:

The Phoenix Snipers now have made the Washington Post. With no suspects or motives the police appear to have little to go on. It was not until mid-July 2006, that authorities finally held a news conference to discuss the troubling crime wave.

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Phoenix Snipers Update The Phoenix Sniper story was regionalized for a time. “Do you think it is crime or domestic terrorism? How do we differentiate between the two?” When the DC Snipers started their reign of terror, they started small by experimenting on how to kill and worked up the nerve to go big time…..

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