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A Heated Front in the Clash of Civilizations

Posted by thebosun on August 3, 2006

Courtesy of – Israel’s ground troops, at least 8,000 strong, are pressing forward into south Lebanon. The military said it has nearly completed its takeover of a four mile security zone, following a number of battles in Hezbollah terrorist strongholds.But neither the ground manuevers nor the air strikes over south Beirut and other cities could prevent a record 220 rockets from raining down on northern Israel Wednesday, sending injured civilians to the hospitals. At least two Israelis died and nearly two dozen more were wounded, while hundreds of thousands of Israelis were forced to take refuge in bomb shelters.

Polls show Israelis feel more isolated as many western media outlets demonize Israel’s leaders and its army. But a large majority of Israelis still support the fight against Hezbollah. And many believe it is the most heated front in a clash of civilizations.

“This fight is part of a global Islam radicalism against the west. Here, that’s why for us it is existential. But for the west, for the western Judeo-Christian civilization, it is also existential. Hezbollah’s leader Sayed Nasrallah has only to survive to claim victory over Israel. He’s becoming a cult figure in many parts of the Muslim world, including the West Bank,” Lieutenant Col. Olivier Rafowitz, Israeli Defense Forces Spokesman, said.

While Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert tries to fight the war, he must also work on political damage control in Israel. Olmert angered many Jewish residents of the West Bank, including some soldiers, when he said Wednesday that victory over Hezbollah could help him advance his plan to pull Jews out of West Bank settlements.

Critics say the prime minister and his government have their hands full with Hezbollah, and they don’t need to worry about a plan that could expose even more Israelis to a serious missile threat.

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