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Phoenix Snipers Update 8/3/2006

Posted by thebosun on August 3, 2006

Police are unsure if ‘Serial Shooter’ is behind murder of a Mesa woman on Sunday evening. 

As the city pledged more resources and tried to reassure residents, police still couldn’t say if the murder of a Mesa woman Sunday is the work of the Valley’s “Serial Shooter.”

And hopes that the shooter may have been captured on videotape by a camera at a business near the location of a July 22 attack fell through. Police said it provided no new leads.

“We are still not officially linking the case,” Mesa police spokesman Sgt. Chuck Trapani said Tuesday of the death of Robin Blasnek, 22, shot Sunday on Mesa’s east side, less than two miles from the earlier incident.   For the rest of this story, Please visit AZ Central


The latest on the 2 Phoenix serial attackers.  Police continue to hunt for two assailants:


Crimes: 23, including murder, rape and robbery since August. Eight people have been killed.

Location: South Phoenix along Baseline Road between 31st Avenue and 48th Street; west Tempe; and east Phoenix between 24th and 40th streets and Thomas and Indian School roads.

Other information: Victims appear to be chosen randomly and often are grabbed in secluded areas after dark. Police believe that the Baseline Killer likely lurks in the area and has sometimes initiated contact before he attacked. Has worn disguises.

Description: Dark-skinned person of color, male, 25 to 30 years old, 5 feet 10 inches, 170, usually wearing a long-sleeved shirt and khaki pants. He also wears various hats and may now have short hair.

Latest confirmed crime: Homicide, June 29 at 29th Street and Thomas Road, Phoenix.


Crimes: 35 shootings since May 2005. Only four have been definitively linked by physical evidence, but police say the method, time of day and locations make them believe all the attacks may be related. Five people have been killed and 16 wounded. Three horses and five dogs also have been killed.

Location: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Avondale and Tolleson.

Other information: Shooter targets people walking, biking or outside alone, usually between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m.

Description: None. Vehicle may be a medium-size, light-colored, four-door sedan.

Latest confirmed crime: One shooting July 22 in Mesa.

document Wanted poster for Baseline Killer

Reporting a tip

A $100,000 reward is being offered for information that will help police solve the violent crimes. To report a tip, call (480) WITNESS or 1-800-343-TIPS.

Police said they received almost 6,000 calls between July 11 and 26.

The crimes

graphic Location of crimes
Crimes linked to the ‘Baseline Killer’
Crimes linked to the ‘Serial Shooter’
Baseline Killer’s bloody trail

Odd case in Tempe

Man’s motives remain a mystery
Murder suspect linked to ‘Baseline Killer’ recants
Suspect could provide lead to ‘Baseline Killer’

Other cities hit by killers

Serial Shooter link possible in Mesa incident
Did killer hit in Scottsdale?
Tempe joins hunt for serial killer

Public help, reaction

Video could hold clues in possible serial shooter case
Police seek tips in car wash slaying
Phoenix police want migrants’ help in serial killer search
Serial crimes spark gun sales, security concerns
Serial-killer stories grip public
Serial attacks have residents on toes
Guardian Angels plan nightly patrols
Police rely on tips, criminals’ slip-ups
Hundreds attend meeting on serial killers
Serial attackers stir wave of fear

Victims of the attackers

Killer’s face a blur to 34 survivors
Baseline Killer usually makes contact with victims

Tips for the public

Tips on keeping safe

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