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Breaking News: Possible Break in Phoenix Sniper(s) Case

Posted by thebosun on August 4, 2006

Courtesy of Fox News and AZ Central:  Police reported have arrested two men Friday in an investigation into a series of fatal shootings that have terrorized Phoenix-area residents.

Sgt. Chuck Trapani, a Mesa police spokesman, earlier said “we’ve had a break in one of our major cases” but would not disclose any details.

Local news reports indicated that two men may have been apprehended in the connection to the recent crimewave of shootings in the Phoenix area.  A press conference is expected later this morning.

Report: Fox News; AZ Central

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One Response to “Breaking News: Possible Break in Phoenix Sniper(s) Case”

  1. Rosemary said

    I commented over at Causes of Interest, but I wanted you to know here as well that I think you are doing a fantastic job. You stuck to this story like white on rice. Great job. 😉

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