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U.N. boss: Hezbollah deserves U.S. respect

Posted by thebosun on August 4, 2006

A top United Nations official, Mark Mallock Brown is at it again.  One has to wonder on whos side this guy is.  He now strongly supports Hezbollah and sides with terrorism.  Brown says to quiet the “demons” across the “wider Islamic world” the United States and the international community must respect Hezbollah as a political party, not a terrorist organization.

“Everybody would want a solution here which takes away the recruiting power of Hezbollah in the broader Arab world,” said Mark Malloch Brown, the U.N.’s deputy secretary-general.  Apolgist and appeaser appears wiling to sell Israel down the river.

That would be one, he said, that “allows Hezbollah a political as against a militia future inside an independent Lebanon.”

Brown said if Hezbollah and its supporters are given political acknowledgement the motivation for military attacks would decline.

Read the article at, UN Boss: Hezbollah deserves US respect


One Response to “U.N. boss: Hezbollah deserves U.S. respect”

  1. Rosemary said

    When hell freezes over, and then some…

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