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Two nabbed as Phoenix ‘Serial Shooter,’ another Predator still loose

Posted by thebosun on August 7, 2006

According to after action reporting the alleged two serial killers, known as “the Serial Shooter,”  who stalked metro-Phoenix over the past year operated together.  The two gunmen took turns shooting at people and animals as they drove around the city. According to court documents, one of the gunmen shot at lone pedestrians from the window of a silver Toyota Camry in what he called “random recreational violence.”  For details on the serial shooter suspects, please read Associated Press article written by CHRIS KAHN, ‘Phoenix suspects took turns, police say

With those two misfits in custody, Phoenix police are continuing to look for another predatory serial killer nicknamed, “the Baseline Killer,” so-called because some of the killings took place near Baseline Road.  The Baseline Killer is thought to be responsible for eight slayings and 11 sexual assaults since August 2005.  In all but one case, his victims were women.  The Baseline Killer often strikes up a conversation with the victim before he executes the crime. 

The Baseline Killer has grown more violent as his killing spree has continued.  Last week police added the unsolved February murders of two women in a lunch truck in the Southwest Valley to the list of the Baseline Killer’s probable crimes. 

The Baseline Killer is brazen. He apparently approaches his victims on foot before attacking. He has allowed himself to be seen by some who were fortunate enough to escape with their lives. Their descriptions, however, are sketchy, and the killer probably wears disguises. Source: AZ Central, Cold Cruel Attackers.

7/31/06 – An updated description of the Baseline Killer has been released:


Dark skinned male, could be of varying ethnicity, 25-30 years old, 5’10”, 170 pounds, thin to medium build, varying hair styles, wears different types of hats, including ball caps (possibly turned backwards) or a beanie type cap, long sleeve shirt.  

Phoenix and Mesa police are using a composite drawing but they believe the killer is wearing a disguise.  Anyone with information regarding the Baseline Killer, please contact Silent Witness at (480) WITNESS or 1-800-343-TIPS.

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