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UN backs away from disarming Hezbollah

Posted by thebosun on August 26, 2006

What is up with the United Nations? Has it been officially confirmed that the United Nations is an appeaser and apologist organization? Are they really in cahoots with Islamofacists based in Lebanon and Gaza, who commit terrorist acts and kill innocent civilians on behalf of their supports and providers; Iran and Syria?

Lets review the the events of last month’s conflicts. Hezbollah and Hamas attacked Israel last month and took hostages. Israel struck back. Hezbollah and Hamas responded by firing thousands of rockets at Israel. Israel countered the rockets. And, the world community said Israel did not have the right to protect itself.

Along came the United Nations and Europe countries to broker a peace treaty and provide the “backbone” of a peacekeeping forces for Lebanon. Today, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan made an outlandish statement that the UN peace keepers will not disarm Hezbollah.

“It is generally accepted that the disarmament of Hezbollah cannot be done by force,” Annan said. “The troops are not going there to disarm Hezbollah, let’s be clear on that.” Source – AP News story courtesy of CBN News Service

To make matters worst, according to the Jerusalem Post, the sponsor of terror in the Middle East, Iran, has moved things up several notches in the past few months. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calls for the annihilation of the State of Israel on almost a daily basis.

Giora Eiland, Israel’s former national security adviser, told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, if he ever became the supreme decision maker in his country, would “sacrifice half of Iran for the sake of eliminating Israel,”

Eiland also believes that Ahmadinejad,”has a religious conviction that Israel’s demise is essential to the restoration of Muslim glory, that the Zionist thorn in the heart of the Islamic nations must be removed. And he will pay almost any price to right the perceived historic wrong. Source – Courtesy of The Jerusalem Post: Iran leadership poses threat

Tell me, is there something wrong with this picture or is the United Nations an enabler of terror, fascism, and oppression. This sure is reminiscent to the fascist anti-Semitic workups of the Third Reich almost 60 years ago. And the world community sits by making apologist and appeaser solutions. The UN and world community sits back and does nothing, the hands on the “Doomsday Clock” for Israel moves forward.

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2 Responses to “UN backs away from disarming Hezbollah”

  1. Ahmad said

    Well, the UN has almost always been a failure to resolve major international issues. In Afghanistan, for example, it urged Najibullah’s government in 1992 to hand over power to UN, but it failed to fill the vacuum of power and let the country be destroyed by mujahedin factions.

    As far as Hezbollah is concerned, the faction was considered a militia group, but following the recent happenings, it is now more a political entity and “freedom fighters”. Thus it is difficult to disarm it by force.

    I think the best solution is that the Lebanese government should take bold, political steps to do the job for the sake of national and regional peace.

  2. thebosun said


    Thank you for your comments. I respect your opinions. Please tell us more!


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