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TESTING THE FAITH: Protestant Ministries Booted from Georgetown University

Posted by thebosun on August 27, 2006

According to World Net Daily, protestant ministries with long histories of serving students at Georgetown University were told last week – ‘after much dialog with the Lord’ – they are no longer welcome and have been banned from holding on-campus events and using the school’s name.

The groups – which include Georgetown chapters of InterVarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship, Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship and Crossroad Campus Christian Fellowship – were told their ministries “will no longer be allowed to hold any activity or presence (i.e. bible [sic] studies, retreats with Georgetown students, Mid-week [sic] worship services, fellowship events, move-in assistance …) on campus. As well, there will be no Affiliated Ministry presence or participation at our annual Campus Ministry Open House held at the end of August.

According to David French, an attorney for the Alliance Defense Fund, more than 50 colleges, including Harvard, Princeton and the University of Wisconsin, have attempted to end associations with religious groups.Read the latest developments on this story at TESTING THE FAITH.

Previous stories that have appeared at World Net Daily:


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