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AP has a spy

Posted by Rosemary Welch on September 10, 2006

I have just found some very disturbing news. In 2000, an AP associate gave intelligence to Saddam Hussein. Please visit The America Thinker. H/t: LGF.

Category: Terrorism, Media and Iraq.


12 Responses to “AP has a spy”

  1. So much for objectivity among the media. Naturally, none of this hits the NY Times. Unbelievable!

    BTW Bosun, I love your site – it’s like Druge but better.

  2. Rosemary said

    Thank you. I really like working with Bos’un. He is a very nice Seaman. (Ret.) He has a wealth of knowledge that amazes me. 😉

    I was going to say I couldn’t believe this article when I found it, but I found it over at Little Green Footballs. Then I went to The American Thinker. Sure enough. I wonder how many spies were actually involved…?

  3. thebosun said

    Thank you for your comments, Writerchick.

    Rosemary posted this little gem. Here is a link to Rosemary’s profile. You gotta visit her weblogs. Rosemary has a nose for the news and is a gifted commentator, like yourself.

    Have a great blogging day.


  4. Rosemary said

    Oh gosh, Bos’un. *blush*

  5. You’re right Bosun, Rosemary is a gem. Great find! I love this blog!

  6. Rosemary said

    Oh gosh. Now you’re embarrassing me. 😉

  7. Rosemary said

    BTW, thank you.

  8. Dang girl! You’re a blogging machine. Do you ever sleep?

  9. Rosemary said

    Sleep? What is that? Does it taste good? I hope it isn’t French! 😉

  10. Yes it does taste good. No ma’am, it’s one hundred percent American. The french don’t sleep they just go unconscious after they fill up on the wine with their cheese and bread. Wow, there must be a real business opportunity for laxatives there. Just think, we could have them crapping in no time. LOL.

    Sorry Bosun, too risque for you?

  11. Rosemary said

    It’s 12:44 am, and you’ve got me cracking up! LOLOLOL. You’re not too far away from the truth.

    I think Bos’un can handle. He’s a gentleman, but he is seasoned. (With garlic, pepper, thyme, real butter, strawberries, oh my! Let me stop!)

    I better get some work done. I get too crazy when left alone to play. 😉

  12. Yes indeed, young lady – back to work. We got a planet to save.
    WC 😉

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