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Iranians and September 11, 2001

Posted by Rosemary Welch on September 12, 2006

I still do not have the words, but many have a voice I can use. There is one man whom I admire. His site is The Spirit of Man, and he has written a post with the words I could never had put together.
Vigil in Iran on 9/11/2001Here is an excerpt:

In the morning of 12th of Sept. all leaves were cancelled and there was a briefing for all to stand by for further orders. For couple of weeks, there was no “Death to America” in the daily routines and ceremonies all over the country.

Vigil in Iran for American's on 9/11/2001

Five years after that tragedy, I still can not fathom how a group of evil human beings can kill massive numbers of innocent people in one single day. 5 years after that horrible day, I still can not hide my anger at the Islamic radicals who kill people indiscriminately around the world in the name of their fake religion. Five years after 9/11 I am wondering why terrorism sponsor governments such as Iran and Syria are still in power. [Read the whole article]

The Iranian people are the ones who held vigils for our dead and suffering. They were beaten and punished for this, but they did it anyway. We must stand with them now in their struggle for freedom from their evil mullahs and government.

Thank you, Winston, for providing me with the words.

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