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An Arab Apologizes

Posted by thebosun on September 14, 2006

My senior editor, Rosemary, posted the following at My Newz ‘n Ideas

I have read this most beautifully written article I found in the New York Post. It made me cry with joy. Everybody says, “Where are the moderate Arabs? Where is their voice?” Well, one has spoken out, and he is calling on the others to join his voice.

In case the link above does not work, use this one. Please read the whole article. Thank you, and have a nice day.

Category: (Freedom) America and Middle East.

A moderate Arab confesses that at one point he wrote a very vitriolic essay condemning the Islamic extremists actions, but, fear of becoming another Salman Rushdie kept him from publishing it, until now.

He speaks out.  You must read his commentary that appeared in the New York Post: ‘ONE ARAB’S APOLOGY‘, By EMILIO KARIM DABUL.


2 Responses to “An Arab Apologizes”

  1. Rosemary said

    Thank you so much for reading it and posting post. How did it affect you? Did it have any impact? (I know it did, I just want to know how. lol) You’re a doll.

  2. I think u said it all here I liked the turth here that came out of this

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