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Coulter Commentary: Clinton’s blue dress and bin Laden

Posted by thebosun on September 14, 2006

 In Ann Coulter’s latest column, that was just posted at WorldNetDaily, the take-no-prisoners commentator hammers former Bill President Clinton’s performance in the White House.  As Clinton tries to craft his legacy, Coulter shines a spotlight on his grand performances.

DISCLAIMER: The different points of views Ann Coulter are not supported nor do they reflect the views and beliefs of the Bosun Locker or any entity affiliated with the Bosun Locker 

In likely the clearest indictment of the Clinton administration’s response to terrorism, Ann Coulter today whacks the former president for only fighting back against “Islamic savagery” when he was facing impeachment.

“For a president who supposedly stayed up all night ‘working’ and hated vacations, Clinton sure spent a lot of time sitting around on his butt while America was being attacked,” writes Coulter.

Notes the columnist: “Less than a year after Clinton’s final capitulation to Islamic terrorists, they staged the largest terrorist attack in history on U.S. soil. The Sept. 11 attack, planning for which began in the ’90s, followed eight months of President Bush – but eight years of Bill Clinton.”

Read Coulter’s latest exclusive commentary at at  If Only Bin Laden had a Stained Blue Dress…

Ann Coulter, well-known for her TV appearances as a political analyst, is an attorney and author.


2 Responses to “Coulter Commentary: Clinton’s blue dress and bin Laden”

  1. Yeah, they sure are busy rewriting history – but somebody should tell them that all those crossed out words are a dead giveaway. LOL.

  2. thebosun said

    Funny how the truth escapes some, isn’t it. WC, thank you for visiting and commenting. Have a great blogging day.


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