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Dear Muslims

Posted by Rosemary Welch on September 19, 2006

We seem to be at a point in time where you are asking that free speech be banned. I strongly and firmly condemn that idea. I shall not be silenced.

Do you have some grievances? I don’t doubt that you do. Do I have some grievances? Yes, I do. I am VERY OFFENDED that you are murdering my Christian brothers and sisters.

We keep hearing that Islam is a religion of peace. Let me explain one thing that you may have overlooked. Your actions are speaking so loud that I cannot hear your words.”

If you keep burning down my Lord’s Churches and Synogues, YOU are the ones asking for violence. You promote it. You murder anyone who disagrees with you. Well, I’ve had it. You have not proven to me that you have chosen peace.

I happen to know, for example, that it is okay in your religion to lie to someone who is not in your religion so that your treaties are no good. This is unacceptable. You also lie and murder amongst yourselves. Shame on you!

If you want us to listen to you, we have some demands:

Stop the honor killings.
Put down your swords.
Turn in the terrorists.
Pledge allegience to the western country in which you live.
Stop murdering.
Stop burning down Churches.
Stop burning down Synogues.
Stop killing Shiites and Sunnis respectively.
Put down the anger, pick up the dialogue.
Don’t ever attack our Pope again. You could find yourself dead in his defense.
Denounce Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda, Hizbollah, Hamas, and all terrorists groups that come from your religion.

There are too many differences dividing us which need not be there. You have created them, it is up to you to bring that wall down.

Tear down this wall.

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3 Responses to “Dear Muslims”

  1. I’m with you on this one. You may enjoy my pictorial of the same subject. Guess great (or twisted) minds think alike.

  2. Rosemary said

    I swear, their day of reckoning is upon them…

  3. Yes, RM, it is. God Bless.

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