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Californian Slave owners imprisoned

Posted by Rosemary Welch on October 24, 2006

Slavery in this country has been abolished since 1865, yet it continues. There were promises made (just like to the Indians) that were never signed into law (40 acres and a mule).

There were the Jim Crow laws that declared ‘seperate but equal’ was good enough for our black brothers and sisters. They were not allowed to eat, drink or sit wherever a white person could. They could not go to the same schools, and the schools they were allowed to attend were delapitated. Fine choice, eh?

Then there was bussing. Who’s idea was this? Oh yes. Sen. Ted Kennedy. I guess he figured that black children did not want or need their friends from home. What a foolish and evil way to treat our neighbors. What an evil way to treat our children.

I am glad to say that we are doing much better. Is it truly better? Yes. Is it equal? In some areas of life, yes, in others, no. How do you change an ignorant person’s heart?

Now we have a case–in this day and time–of slavery. It is outrageous that they only received a three years maximum prison sentence.

Abdel Nasser Ibrahim, 57, was handed a three-year prison sentence while ex-wife Amal El-Motelib, 43, was sentenced to 22 months by US District Judge James Selna. [Read the complete article]

Editorial: I hate slavery, and this is completey unacceptable. Three years? What? You are allowed to kidnap a child at the age of 10 in Egypt, bring her here, treat her with physical and mental abuse, and have her in servatude for four years, and you only get three years? I do believe that we, as Americans, should stand together and unseat this judge.

Maybe United States Attorney Debra Wong Yang can explain to us what went terribly wrong. If anyone has any additional information on this case, please contact me.

PS. The one thing to come out of this whole ordeal is the young lady, now 16, has been granted a visa allowing her to stay in America. I just pray she is blessed with a family whom will show her love, kindness, fairness, charity, and all the things she will need to have a successful and happy life.

Hat tip: Pajamas Media.


2 Responses to “Californian Slave owners imprisoned”

  1. “An estimated 17,000 foreign citizens are trafficked into the US each year with more than 600,000 bought, sold or smuggled across other international borders—all to be exploited through forced labor or commercial sex exploitation.”

    The U.S. holds the title for 2nd most popular destination for trafficked women. Women are lured here (and other places in the world, Germany, eg) with the promise of jobs only to have their passports taken and be forced into prostitution/slavery. Not something to be proud of.

  2. Rosemary said

    Dear Anna,
    Thank you for additional information. I’ve been aware of this. Some of those women are from Russia, the ME, Asia, and other poor countries. That is one of the reasons I am against ILLEGAL aliens. They treat these people with(out?) impunity.

    I do not want any man, woman or child live a life like this. Been there, done that, and now I will fight anyone who says it isn’t happening. That’s all I will say on the topic about me.

    This is a gross miscarriage of justice, and our resources should be more heavily focused on saving these people. The people who enslave them? They all need to be lined up against a wall and shot. Peroid. Have a nice day.

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