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Another Pendleton 8 Marine Accepts a Plea Bargain

Posted by thebosun on November 6, 2006

USMC Insignia

According to KFMB San Diego, Channel 8 News, another Marine accepted a plea bargain in the Al Hamdania, Iraq, murder case. 

The prosecution contends that members of the “Pendleton 8” squad abducted an Iraqi man, Hashim Ibrahim Awad, from his home after their plot to kidnap and kill a known insurgent failed.

Prosecutors contend that the Iraqi man was subsequently shot and a shovel and AK-47 were planted next to the body to make it appear that Awad was an insurgent planting a roadside bomb.

In October, Navy Hospital Corpsman Petty Officer 3rd Class Melson J. Baco entered a guilty plea after prosecutors worked out a plea bargain with him and his attorney.  Private First Class John Jodka III plead guilty to lesser charges.  

Today, Lance Corporal Tyler Jackson entered his pleas through his attorney.   It is reported that all three servicemen plead guilty to reduced charges in return for their testimony. 

The Pendleton 8’s house of cards has crumbled further with Jackson copping to the latest plea agreement.  How many more will accept plea agreements for their testimony.  And then, will a full account of the truth be made known or will it be the prosecution’s version of the truth? 

As I said in earlier posts, this case is complicated due to the nature of combat fatigue and stress.  We are going to have to keep an open mind as the remaining five marines trials unfold and their testimonies are given.

Baco has already discussed the pressures he was under and expressed remorse at the unfortunate demise of Awad.  I would like to hear from the remaining patrol members about the pressures that they faced in Iraq in the lead up to the unfortunate Hamdania incidence.  What was going on in their minds that morning in Hamdania and the orders that they were given have yet to be revealed.

The Marine Corps has remained especially mum about this case and have yet to authorize press releases of the proceedings. 

Stay tuned as more information as it becomes available. News channel 8 has been an excellent source of trial information.  Check for periodic updates at: News Channel 8 KFMB San Diego

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Soldiers in Iraq say, “Mistake to leave now”

Posted by Rosemary Welch on November 6, 2006

Imagine that? Everything you have been spoonfed by the media, and it still hasn’t worked. What are they going to have to do? Dress up in Democrat garb and come out of the closet to convince you that it was a mistake to go into Iraq?

Maybe this Washington Post article will explain why the Soldiers know that you who believe that leaving Iraq right now are wrong. Don’t listen to me. Listen to them. I do believe they have earned the decency of at least that.

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Media Lied, Heroes Died

Posted by Rosemary Welch on November 6, 2006

It has often been believed that you never encourage your enemies. You do not let them know what you know about them, you just don’t talk about OUR country’s secrets.

It appears as though this is no longer the ethos of modern day media who are against the GWOT. There is a magnificent article in the Wall Street Journal (online) today that tackles these issues, one by one. It is rather lengthy, so get a cup of whatever, cuddle up, and read it.

I have been so disappointed in the dinosaur media for such a long time now that I cannot even write an adequate summary or article on my own. I’m just too disgusted.

One thing I will add, however. Because of the media’s hatred for the Military and our president, they have allowed these lies to invalidate their papers. Never do they apologize. I am still waiting for the apology about the non-existent Kor’ans that were never flushed down any toilets. And that’s only one lie.

Do you know how many died because of that lie? I want to say over one thousand, but I do not have the data to back that statement. Therefore I will not claim it as a fact. Unlike the NY Times…

When the media lies about our Military, it shows up on al-Jazeera. We are not the only ones who suffer losses by emboldening the enemy to strike again but hey? It doesn’t matter to them as long as they get their little plastic trophies. They forget we are not the only ones there.

Thank you, Coalition, for your bravery, your help, your expertise, your shared responsibiliy, and your sacrifices. God bless them and you all. Have a great day.

PS. Since you in the media are still living in the Viet Nam war era, I have a recommendation for you. Why don’t you pack up everything and move there?

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