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Republicans get swept

Posted by thebosun on November 8, 2006

The night began as a squeaker, but it led to a new House speaker. In a historic political evening, Democrats swept Republicans out of power in the House of Representatives for the first since the 1994 Republican revolution that made Newt Gingrich the speaker.  WND.

Why we ask?  Perhaps politician’s greed, perversion, and gross incompetence came between the Republican party and its constituents. 

Lot and lots of pundits on the conservative side of the house woke up this morning with egg on their faces.  Howard Dean’s “get it now” activists party won the election.  Now we are going to have to live with the outcome. 

Folk, the Republican party failed us.  Many of our fellow constituents walked away or did not show up to vote.  If and when the Republican party decides that morals, values, and ethics are  important we will regain our composure.  Otherwise, our society and political parties will continue to decline.

I am pissed that the Republican party fell apart.  This loss of focus and direction has sent a message to our international allies and also to those who wish for our demise.  I am not sure what the coming months and years are going to bring us.  To the American people, watch out what you wish for.  

The dust has not yet settled and republican pundit heads are beginning to role.  Today, President Bush said he need for “fresh eyes” on the situation in Iraq.   So, Rumsfeld resigned.  Of course President Bush was not forthcoming with the American people; he insisted that Rumsfeld resignation was not a direct result of the outcome of yesterday’s elections.  Mr. President are you serious?  Your party has lost congress in two short years.  This election cycle has been a real joke.

Time for a complete makeover of the Republican party, if you ask me.  But then again, most of you didn’t.


2 Responses to “Republicans get swept”

  1. J said

    “Howard Dean’s “get it now” activists party won the election. Now we are going to have to live with the outcome.”

    I expect their (Dems) ascendancy to be short-lived. True, the Republicans pretty much screwed us all. Still, there’s nothing more disgusting than a preening, power-drunk liberal. And they’ll screw us too, and probably without any foreplay.

  2. thebosun said

    Thanks for the comments J. We’ll see how things go. I have a liberal friend who agreed with me to vote for individuals rather than parties. He then mentioned that the votes last night were against Bush rather than for candidates. I reminded him that the Bush presidential election bid is over and Bush is not running for anything.
    There appears to be a disconnect with electing qualified individuals, replaying the 2000 and 2004 elections, and being at war with an evil enemy who would like to set off a mushroom cloud over a US city and force convert us to a perverted religion (radicalized islamofacism.)
    I am not sure our democratic leadership is up to the task. I am sure we will see what they are made of soon enough.
    Lets see a little recap today compliments of Al – Jazeera:
    1)Dannie Ortega winning in Nicaragua (old news it was a couple days back but the communistas are dancing in the streets),
    2)Howie Dean’s grand slam home run,
    3)Chavez having a party because Bush got slapped down,
    4)Rumsfeld getting **** canned.
    My oh My, what a wonderful day if you dislike President Bush. (I don’t dislike our President, just frustrated at some piss poor decisions.)

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