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Second Marine Sentenced at General Courts-Martial in Hamdania Investigation

Posted by thebosun on November 17, 2006

United States Marine Corps
Camp Pendleton Media Center            For more information:
Bldg 22181                                              Phone: 760-725-4484/4485
Marine Corps Base
Camp Pendleton, CA 92055

Internet: USMC Iraq-Investigations

Press Release #06-007                   Nov. 15, 2006


Marine Sentenced at General Court-Martial in Hamdania Investigation

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. (Nov. 15, 2006) – The sentencing for Pfc. John J. Jodka for his involvement in the death of an Iraqi civilian, Hashim Ibrahim Awad, on April 26, 2006, near Hamdania, Iraq was held today here. 

Jodka was sentenced to five years confinement, reduction in rank to E-1/Pvt., forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and dishonorable discharge. 

Pursuant to the terms of the pre-trial agreement Jodka’s sentence was limited to 18 months confinement.  The punitive discharge will be disapproved.  The reduction in rank and forfeiture of pay and allowances may be approved. 

Jodka pled guilty Oct. 26, 2006 to the additional charges of aggravated assault and conspiracy to obstruct justice during a general court-martial held here. 

The original charges of murder, conspiracy, housebreaking, larceny and kidnapping, that were referred to general court-martial on Sept. 22, 2006, were withdrawn as part of the pre-trial agreement. 

The military judge for the sentencing was Lt. Col. David Jones.

U.S. Marine Corps personnel sentenced to confinement of one year or longer automatically have their cases forwarded to the Navy – Marine Court of Criminal Appeals for review.

More information on the charges, specifications and legal proceedings can be found at USMC Iraq-Investigations

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2 Responses to “Second Marine Sentenced at General Courts-Martial in Hamdania Investigation”

  1. Rosemary said

    I don’t know what to believe anymore. I really believed they did not do this. Are they taking these deals as sacrificial lambs or did they actually commit these awful crimes? This is discouraging. How is this going to look for the others? What if they didn’t do it? Shame on them if they did. I just don’t know. I don’t trust the guys on top of them, because they put the death penalty on there so quickly…

  2. thebosun said

    Rosemary and readership, War is living hell. Make no bones about it. Either our troops did not do it and are being painted into a picture where plea bargain is the only way, or, Our troops suffered from Combat Operational Stress. There may have been mitigating circumstances as to the hows and whys this event happened. In past wars this would have been part of war. However, with the politically correct world we live in now, the lowest man gets pinned by the empty suits and armchair philosophers. God Protect Our Troops whom we send in harms way.
    Combat and Operational Stress
    “Combat / Operational Stress Reaction” (COSR) is an issue that will likely affect every Marine unit. Left unaddressed, the effects of combat and operational stress can lead to long-term psychological injuries. Although not as visible as physical trauma, psychological injuries have been a significant portion of total casualties in any conflict. In the American military, combat stress reactions were noted as early as the Civil War. After the First World War, large numbers of combatants suffering from “shell shock” sought medical attention. Combat stress reactions were observed in more than 20% of US troops in World War II, and in the Korean War, 10% of medical evacuations were attributable to combat stress. Some estimate that as many as 30% of Vietnam veterans suffer from the long-term effects of untreated COSR. Approximately 15% of long term casualties after the Gulf War were psychological in nature. Effectively addressing the psychological effects of such stress both before and after it occurs can greatly improve a unit’s readiness status.
    For more information on this topic to include definitions, risk factors, why Marines may not seek help, and prevention, please select the general information tab above. If you are looking to solve a specific problem please select one of the specific problem tabs above. Under each specific problem you will find an overview that discusses the specific problem as well as what to look for, what to do, what to avoid, what to expectafter taking action, and troubleshooting.
    Please do not forget those who serve (and the Pendleton Eight). Review the linked information from Bacos’ Attorney: Link to Attorney Sullivan’s Website
    Attorney Sullivan offers some mitgating circumstances that have fallen on the deaf ears of the news media and public in these emotionally charged witch hunts, errr …. “Trials” of the Pendleton Eight
    Video Interviews of HM3 Melson J. Bacos
    Eating with Marine Blood on my Hands.wmv
    Marine Killed.wmv
    More Marines Killed in Action.wmv

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