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Baker Report Slams Israel

Posted by thebosun on December 7, 2006

With a saddened heart I have to comment on the Baker report. is reporting some alarming news they claim is buried deep in the 160 page Iraq Study Group Report:

Baker panel’s mention of Palestinian “right of return” raises eyebrows

I cannot verify how close to the truth this story really is, but, if it means what I think it means and is a truthful story as reported by, this may be a very grave development that does not deserve a pass.

Quoted from the Breitbart news story:

“A reference to Palestinians’ “right of return” in the report issued by the high-level Iraq Study Group broke a diplomatic taboo which sparked immediate concern in Israel and surprise among Middle East policy experts.

The reference was buried deep inside a 160-page report that urged US President George W. Bush to renew efforts to revive Israel-Palestinian peace talks as part of a region-wide bid to end the chaos in Iraq.

“This report is worrisome for Israel particularly because, for the first time, it mentions the question of the ‘right of return’ for the Palestinian refugees of 1948,” said a senior Israeli official, who was reacting to the US policy report on condition he not be identified. A Middle East analyst who was involved in the Iraq Study Group discussions but did not participate in drafting the report expressed surprise when the reference was pointed out to him by a reporter….Source: Baker panel’s mention of Palestinian “right of return” raises eyebrows

Here is the Iraq Study Group Report Text found on pages 57 and 58: 

RECOMMENDATION 16: In exchange for these actions and
in the context of a full and secure peace agreement, the Israelis should return the Golan Heights, with a U.S. security guarantee for Israel that could include an international force on the border, including U.S. troops if requested by both parties.

RECOMMENDATION 17: Concerning the Palestinian issue,
elements of that negotiated peace should include:
• Adherence to UN Security Council Resolutions 242 and
338 and to the principle of land for peace, which are the
only bases for achieving peace.
• Strong support for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas
and the Palestinian Authority to take the lead in preparing
the way for negotiations with Israel.
• A major effort to move from the current hostilities by consolidating the cease-fire reached between the Palestinians and the Israelis in November 2006.
• Support for a Palestinian national unity government.

The Way Forward—A New Approach

• Sustainable negotiations leading to a final peace settlement
along the lines of President Bush’s two-state solution, which
would address the key final status issues of borders, settlements, Jerusalem, the right of return, and the end of conflict. ISG Report

Read  and weep. The enemies of Israel are partying tonight.  It may come to pass that the world as we knew it, will end by the leftist and stalist agenda.

Yesterday before this damn report was released, I had some concerns that this report was a sham job.  We are going to have to study every word.  Mr. Baker and his commission deserves a very close look.

We all bettere watch out what we wish for. The hidden agenda of the left is coming closer to a climax.

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4 Responses to “Baker Report Slams Israel”

  1. From 1948….Who exactly would be “returning”? Most of the Palestinians are y-o-u-n-g young.

  2. thebosun said


    Wikipedia has a good writeup on the Palestinian Right to Return:

    The term “Right of Return”, when applied to Palestinians with respect to the State of Israel differs significantly with the definition of the term atop of this article. It reflects a belief that Palestinian refugees and their descendants have a right to return to the homes their families had possessed prior to the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. The UN General Assembly Resolution 194 was passed on December 11, 1948 with Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Yemen voting against. The Resolution’s text does not distinguish between Palestinian and Jewish refugees. Its Article 11 “[r]esolves that the refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbours should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property…”[12]

    Significantly, the UN maintains a separate and distinct definition of the word “refugees” for Palestinians who left Israel in 1948 and/or 1967. Palestinian refugees from Israel are classed as both the individuals who left Israel and any descendants of those individuals. This stands in contrast to the UN definition of refugee as it applies to displaced persons connected with territories other than those of the State of Israel: in the latter case it refers only to those individuals who were forced to flee, not to their lineal descendants.[13]

    The question of whether or not Palestinians have a “Right of return” to lands within the State of Israel is, next to the question of the status of Jerusalem, one of the major impediments to a peace settlement between Israel and the Palestinians. The Arab states have for decades publicly insisted on this as one of the main conditions for peace. The Oslo accords were only made possible because both sides agreed to leave this question open for future negotiations. At the 2000 negotiation at Camp David between Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, for instance, the right of return was one issue on which the talks broke down. Barak was willing to accept a Palestinian state taking in the Gaza Strip and most of the West Bank, plus co-sovereignty over Jerusalem, but would not accept a Palestinian right of return to Israel. Arafat for his part would not accept any settlement that did not contain at least some provisions on this issue. Source: Wikipedia

    I’ll send you some other reading by separate cover.



  3. Thanks for the information. I think people need to realize that most of these people have never lived there in the first place. Israel is not the bad guy here; there are many other issues. Another great resource is The Case for Israel. Alan Dershowitz did an excellent job explaining the whole situation in that book.

  4. FuhrerOne said

    well on the last comment that see its states that.I think people need to realize that most of these people have never lived there in the first place. Israel is not the bad guy here. just so that people know in 1948 is when israel was created. where was israel in 1947 there was no israel. the only reason there is and israel is because europe and the u.s did not want them on their land

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