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During times of war and during times of peace, we must prepare for tomorrow with the realities of today.

America’s Victory ’08: 12/27/2006

Posted by Rosemary Welch on December 27, 2006

Here are today’s items. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Has Jeb Bush Gotten Enough Credit for What He Has Done as Florida’s Governor? by BizzyBlog at BizzyBlog.

Against all Enemies: Foreign and Domestic by Darth Dilbert from Return of the Conservatives.

Please take the time to visit our new site. I also contribute, and you may contribute as well if you would like. This is a political site for Conservatives. You may read it even if you are not a Conservative, but we are trying to get back to basics. Fiscal responsibility, a strong national defense, tough on illegal aliens, and getting government out of lives. That is the simple version, but it seems to suit me just fine. 😉


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