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Sevan and Nadler indicted: Oil for Food

Posted by Rosemary Welch on January 16, 2007

Fox News has an article on the indictments of Kofi’s son and another man: Over Bribes From Saddam’s Regime. Sevan is facing 50 years maximum time in prison and Nadler is facing 112 years imprisonment.

Specifically, the two were charged with wire fraud, based on their depriving the United Nations of its right to Sevan’s honest services; bribery concerning an organization — the United Nations that receives more than $10,000 annually from the federal government; and conspiracy to commit these offenses.

If convicted, Sevan would face a maximum sentence of 50 years’ imprisonment. Nadler, who was also charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud by engaging in prohibited financial transactions with Iraq and violating the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, would face a maximum sentence of 112 years’ imprisonment if convicted.

It is about time something was done about this. We have been reporting about this for almost decade. Sevan is thought to be in Cyprus.

Reported by Eric Shawn.


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