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Imam leads Dems in prayer of conversion

Posted by thebosun on February 8, 2007

With heads bowed reverently, Democrats were led in prayer February 2nd by a Muslim imam who essentially asked Allah to assist in converting the party members to Islam, according to a scholar and author.  You will have to read the article at World Net Daily for the scope: 
Imam leads Democrats

Who would have thought!  The Imam lead in a prayer taken from the opening verses of the Qur’an.  Here is Sura 1:1 – 7:

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful.

Bismillāhir rahmānir rahīm

Praise be to God, the Lord of the Universe.

Al hamdu lillāhi rabbil ‘ālamīn

The most gracious, the most merciful.

Ar rahmānir rahīm

Master of the Day of Judgment.

Māliki yawmid dīn

You alone we worship. You alone we ask for help.

Iyyāka na’budu wa iyyāka nasta’īn

Guide us on the straight path;

Ihdinās sirāt al mustaqīm

The path of those whom You have blessed, not of those who have earned your anger, nor of those who went astray.

Sirātal ladhīna an’amta ‘alayhim ghayril maghdūbi ‘alayhim walād dāālīn

(Qur’an Sura 1:1 – 7)

Islam is based on the concept of “tawhid,” or unity of god.  The god if Islam is an absolute god. Mohammed required submission and obedience to Allah. Anything less is unacceptable in Islam.  Mohammed provided the path to Islam must be accomplished through the “five pillars of Islam:”

  • testimony of faith (kalima);
  • prayer (salat);
  • fasting (sawm);
  • almsgiving (zakat); and,
  • pilgrimage (hajj).

Each Muslim is expected to propagate Islam.  So, one should not be surprised when one asks an Imam to say a few words that the Imam will  pray for the Kafirs’ (unbelievers) conversion.  It is their duty to request for others to propagate to their faith.

Respectfully, Bosun


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