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Did Border Patrol Agent Have Connection with Smuggler??

Posted by thebosun on February 9, 2007

World Net Daily claims it has According to official documents in its possession that indicate a Department of Homeland Security agent played a major role in managing the drug smuggler.  World Net Daily also claims that the agent conducted the field investigation in the incident that landed Border Patrol officers Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean in federal prison for more than a decade.

World Net Daily claims that in a heavily redacted 77-page DHS report submitted to Congress Wednesday there is no explicit discussion of the role that the DHS Special Agent played in the case.

If this is true, there should be an investigation into DHS and the conduct of the agent and his supervisors. 

For additional details regarding this very confusing case, please read the following at World Net Daily:
Border-agent investigator had tie to smuggler?????


Author of DHS border-agent report lied to Congress

Ex- Border Agent Said Beaten in Prison

Report: Agents in Border Shooting Lied

Nacho Ramos assaulted in prison… Compean Family Statement

How you can help the Compean family

Johnny Sutton puts out more lies against Compean & Ramos…. See below to read FBP’s Rebuttal

Continuing news coverage of the Compean & Ramos Case – including America’s Most Wanted Special

Ramirez Statement stated on Hannity & Colmes



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