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Venido a Banko Mexicano

Posted by thebosun on February 15, 2007

Venido a Bank of Mexicano!! 
Curtsey of KFBM San Diego, Rick Roberts Show 
February 14th, 2007

Want to get a credit card? You better make sure that you have a valid photo ID ready. You also need to know your social security number, and let’s not forget the most important thing… Your credit has got to be good.

What if you’re an illegal alien?

Ningún se preocupa !

That’s Es-pan-ol for NO WORRIES!

Hell, you can be any Juan or O.T.M. (other than Mexican) Saudi citizen with the name of Ali Hussein with a record of not paying a bill in your life and for a walk across the desert and walk into a B of A branch… CONGRATULATIONS! You’re approved for credit.

No, folks, I am not talking about a legal US resident… I’M TALKING ABOUT AN ILLEGAL ALIEN.

Here are a few statements submitted to the press from Bank of America executives:

“We are just willing to grant credit to someone with little or no credit history,” .said Lance Weaver, Bank of America’s head of international card services.

“These people are coming here for quality of life, and they deserve somebody to give them a chance to achieve that quality of life,” said Brian Tuite, the bank’s director of Latin America card operations and one of the architects of this crazy program.

“If we don’t disproportionately grow in the Hispanic (market) … we aren’t going to grow” as a bank, said Liam McGee, Bank of America’s consumer and small-business banking chief.

So, they’re concerned about company growth. That’s the only reason they’re doing this! B of A has called the illegal population an “untapped market” of potential customers.

This bank is already the second largest bank in the nation… And yet they’re still going to whore themselves out over a number.

Bank of America started this program in Los Angeles, the illegal alien capitol of the world. They noticed an influx of new accounts and new credit applications. Because of this, they will be expanding this insanity to a national level.

They have not yet begun public marketing. So far, the promotion has only been by word of mouth.

Expect to see credit apps and Bank of America paperwork mixed in the litter of your nearest “migrant camp.”



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