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Big Dog’s commentary: No Dynasties, Except for the Clintons

Posted by thebosun on February 19, 2007

Courtesy of Big Dog’s Web log:

No Dynasties, Except for the Clintons

As if we needed another reason to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House, her supporters want husband and former president Bill Clinton to be appointed to her Senate seat should she win. There have been books written, talks shows have discussed the subject and Americans have spoken out and the word is they do not want dynasties. When there were rumors that Jeb Bush might run for the White House the rebuke was swift, no more Bushes. Word has it that Americans are weary of having the same last names in office year after year. George H W Bush then Clinton and then George W Bush and now the potential for another Clinton.

If that were not bad enough, there are people indicating that they want Bill Clinton appointed to Hillary’s Senate seat “when” she wins. The kool aid drinkers are swooning over the idea of Bill, the consummate politician, filling that seat and schmoozing around Washington. He is a wonderful politician, they say, and he understands the legislative process and the law so well. I guess he does since he figured every way in the book to circumvent the law.

I can not imagine how terrible this country will be with Hillary Clinton in the White House. It was bad enough with Bubba in there screwing things (and everything) up. If she gets in the White House and he goes into the Senate we will be on the path to destruction and the Book of Revelations will be upon us. There is some word that the Clinton’s might not be able to sustain a cut in income. Bill makes millions of dollars a year for speaking and consulting but would be limited as a Senator.

Has income ever stopped these two? Hillary is a stock market genius as evidenced by her success when she lived in Arkansas and Bill managed to secure millions of dollars for pardoning rich criminals. I am sure that if one of these criminals is in the Executive branch and one is in the Legislative they will figure a way to triple their current income. Bill will be on the take from every lobbyist in the country and Hillary will be on the take from ever country in the world.

The time has come for us to realize that we need a more diverse group of people running this country. The Congress always talks about diversity but then it remains a closed, elitist members only organization. Bush, Clinton, Kennedy, Sarbanes, and God knows how many more family names are etched, or will be, in the generations of people who run this country. We need to break up this club and put real people in Congress to solve the real problems that face us. Two words:

Term Limits.


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