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Prayers for Elizabeth Edwards

Posted by Rosemary Welch on March 23, 2007

It is times like this when we are Americans, not political animals. Mrs. Edwards, wife of presidential candidate John Edwards, has been diagnosed with cancer in one of her right ribs. This was discovered through a series of exams for pain she was having in her left ribcage. There was a small something that just didn’t seem right on the other side though. They were correct. The breast cancer she had dealt with in 2004 had not only come back, it spread into her bone.

Here is where I have am having diametrically opposed feelings. At their press conference, John declared that he was going to continue in the race. I felt two things.

1. I was proud that they were not going to let this define them. Also, that they had decided together, I’ll bet it was her, that he should not give up the fight. Symbolically, neither would she.

2. I was angry at him for not considering being with his wife during her hour of need.

Tacky? Yes. Very. I have no idea what she wants, nor do I dare intrude. This was me remembering all the times I have had to endure many hospital episodes alone. Emotional. Me? Yup.

It may appear that John is being selfish, but allow me to pose this question to you. Do we know that it was not her wish to see his dreams fulfilled before she dies? Do we know if she does not want to defined by cancer? Do we know that she did not push him into continuing?

Do not judge them. We do not know, and we have no right to know. I know the press has made it appear as if we do, but we do not. Show me where it says so in the Constitution.

Dear Elizabeth Edwards,

I pray for your family and you. I pray that you can find peace in your daily walk, and I pray that you live a very long life. I pray they come up with a cure. I also pray for your happiness. I pray for your young children, that they may know you a long time. Never give up. Never look back. Live everyday to its fullesst. May God bless you, have mercy on you and shower you in His Grace. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Sources: Elizabeth Edwards’ metastasized breast cancer should be treatable. LA Times. If that link does work, try this one.

Elizabeth Edwards and Her Cancer: A Controllable Disease. US News & World Report. If that link no longer works, try this one.

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