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American Hiroshima

Posted by thebosun on April 20, 2007

Nuclear terror: How likely is it? 50% chance of detonation within 10 years, says expert

Courtesy of WorldNetDaily.comWASHINGTON – How likely is it that terrorists will some day be successful at detonating a nuclear device in a major American city?

That was the question debated in an online forum sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations this week.

And while Harvard’s Graham T. Allison and the CFR’s Michael A. Levi may disagree over the likelihood of such an attack, they agreed it is a serious threat and much more needs to be done to avoid the disastrous consequences.

Levi, the skeptic, said: “Al-Qaeda has grand ambitions and seeks mass casualties. And regardless of the probability of nuclear terrorism, the potential consequences of a successful attack should be enough to prompt us to more urgent action than we are currently taking.”   For the rest of the story:   American Hiroshima

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