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Religion of Peace: UK-5 found guilty; video

Posted by Rosemary Welch on May 1, 2007

Imagine that? Such nice young men. All they want is your head. Is that too much to ask? Come on! The democrats believe them, why don’t you? Could this have something to do with it? Aww, but these are peaceful people.

Hat tip: LGF.


3 Responses to “Religion of Peace: UK-5 found guilty; video”

  1. Monte said

    May I suggest Think Muslims Support Terror?, Take care of our children, and A Brief History of Iran-US Relations.

  2. thebosun said

    Thanks for the posts links Monte. In America we believe in the freedom of speech and freedom of religion, unlike so many Muslim countries in the Middle East. Peace be with you.


  3. Rosemary said

    Thank you. I will ready them as soon as I finish reading the others that have been sent by others. lol. It shouldn’t take too long. Have a great day. 😉

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