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Happy Memorial Day, Be Ever Vigilant

Posted by thebosun on May 28, 2007

Here is a Memorial Day greeting from my friend Big Dog.  Big Dog is a veteran, soldier citizen, and public servant. Without any adieu, here is his post:

Happy Memorial Day, Be Ever Vigilant

by Big Dog

Today is the day we set aside to honor the memory of this nation’s warriors, those who have fallen in battle and given their lives to protect our freedom and our way of life. While the reason for today will escape many people who view it as another day off to cook out and get drunk, we at the Dog’s house take time out to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. The American Flag hangs outside my door and we will watch some of the tributes today. Yes, we will enjoy food from the grill but when we bless that food we will thank God for men and women who had the courage to protect this nation, men and women who, though scared, were not cowards. To the families of our fallen heroes I say thank you and God bless you.

The Supreme Court ruled that burning an American Flag was an protected act of free speech and though I disagree with that, it is the law. Now to me that does not mean I should not turn a fire hose on a burning flag and the idiot attached to it or that towns should not consider requiring a $10,000 flag burning permit, it just means the SCOTUS said they could burn a flag. Interestingly, burning a flag is an expression of free speech, but, talk about a minority group (using words like nigger, kike, wop, spic, wetback, burning a cross or a Mexican flag), talking badly about Muslims and their religion of violence, or saying something bad about homosexuals (queer, bone smoker, butt pirate, etc) is considered hate speech and the thought police will round people up for that. But they will let a jackass burn a flag regardless of how many people find it offensive or hateful. In any event, flag burning only applies to a person’s own flag. There is no right to burn flags that do not belong to the burner.

Unfortunately, I have to report on a cowardly act by a person or persons who have obviously never served in the military and are perfectly happy to live in this country expressing views under a license paid for with the blood of someone else. It would seem that some coward or group of cowards has removed a bunch of American flags from a veteran’s memorial in Natick MA and put them in a public garbage can and set them on fire. Since these flags were not theirs and since they burned them in a $500,000 solar operated trash compacter (no wonder it is expensive to live in MA) the police are looking for them. This is nothing more than a crime plain and simple. It is not free speech and it is not protected. These cowards took property that did not belong to them and they destroyed it. I believe that when these idiots are caught they should spend a long time in jail. They should receive one charge for each flag they destroyed and the judge should make sure they have plenty of time to think about this hate crime.

Thank you veterans for what you do and thanks to those who gave their lives for us to live in freedom but we still have a long way to go. We have the enemy abroad and the enemy within to contend with. Our troops overseas can handle those abroad, let those within make a showing to the vets and we can take care of them.

Or as one vet said in DC this weekend, “I don’t know what you all would do but they will never burn my flag” (of course he knew damn well what veterans and patriots would do). I say, they might try to burn my flag once but it will not be worth what they have to pay…

Source: WCVB Boston


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