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Liberal Friends

Posted by thebosun on May 29, 2007

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By Rick Roberts, 760 KFMB San Diego Talk Radio


I know this story is light and fluffy…

(Click here to listen to audio.)—–> ROSIE O’DONNELL AND HASSELBECK FIGHT

…but I have a very insightful point on this catfight that you can take and apply to your own life.

First, here’s the story:

    Co-Hosts React to Latest ‘View’ Feud
    O’Donnell, Hasselbeck Each Respond to ClashAP: Watching Rosie O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck squabble on ABC’s “The View” is nothing new, but Wednesday’s dustup seemed particularly nasty with the co-hosts trading accusations and personal digs. A political discussion over the war in Iraq became heated when an angry O’Donnell decried Hasselbeck for not standing up for her when media outlets suggested that she’d called U.S. troops “terrorists” during a previous debate.

    “What you did was not defend me. … I asked you if you believed what the Republican pundits were saying – you said nothing, and that’s cowardly,” O’Donnell said. Responded a stern Hasselbeck: “Do not call me a coward, because No. 1, I sit here every single day, open my heart and tell people what I believe.” O’Donnell and Hasselbeck were shown on a split screen as the argument progressed without commercial interruption. “Do you believe that I think our troops are terrorists? And you would not even look me in the face, Elisabeth, and say, `No, Rosie,”‘ O’Donnell said.

    Responded Hasselbeck: “Because you are an adult, and I am certainly not going to be the person for you to explain your thoughts. They’re your thoughts! Defend your own insinuations!” O’Donnell, who is leaving the ABC daytime talk show next month, said she wasn’t going to fight anymore. “So for three weeks, you can say all the Republican crap you want.” Hasselbeck discussed the war of words in an interview with syndicated entertainment show “Extra” that was to air Wednesday evening.

    “I honestly think, I believe that we are mature women who can resolve,” she said. “I hope we can. I would hope that a disagreement or a heated debate wouldn’t be the end of a relationship.” In a posting on her blog, O’Donnell wrote: “a split screen, new heights, or lows, depending on who u ask.”

Here is the plain and simple truth that I think a lot of conservatives- especially the women in my audience– NEED to know.

Here it is… Get ready!


You cannot be friends- and in most cases, even have a working relationshipwith a ranting, raving, out-of-control liberal.

ESPECIALLY if that liberal is a woman.

I know you conservatives out there think that’s harsh. But let me tell you… It’s true. It is a waste of your time to try and be a leftist’s friend.

You think, “Oh, maybe I can just inform them out of their obvious stupidity!”

You may even think… “They are just misguided. They just need a good, solid conservative to explain to them how the world REALLY works… That will help them… It would bring them into the light and out from the dark side.”





Believe me, I know. Every time I’ve tried to “help” a liberal, they have been friendly at first… AND THEN THEY TURN ON YOU.

Once they turn on you, they have NO boundaries of morality, loyalty, or even decency.

When they attack- like in the Rosie-Elizabeth situation- it’s personal. It’s long lasting. They become unhinged and irrational.

And it’s predictable that one day THEY WILL turn on you.

Maybe you have your own stories… I’d like to hear them.

The main problem with most liberals is that they are on some sort of psychological meds- and/or they think they are the victims in life…

THAT is a combination of trouble that you- Yes, I’m talking to you– that is a combination that will bring your life down.

So, please… Don’t try to befriend liberals. Don’t even try to help a liberal.

Try and help your own family. Try and help people that actually deserve your time.

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