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Posted by thebosun on June 5, 2007

Different Standards for Republicans

Courtesy of Big Dog’s Weblog

Scooter Libby was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in jail for his conviction of lying under oath, or perjury. The judge refused to weigh Libby’s career of public service and decided to jail him rather than give him probation and fined him a quarter million dollars. This is what happens when Republican is convicted of lying under oath. When a Democrat is guilty of that he keeps his job and makes millions of dollars a year on the speaking circuit while his wife serves as a Senator and runs for President. The article indicates that Libby was the highest ranking official convicted of a crime since Iran Contra. I guess Clinton being guilty of perjury (the same offense as Libby) does not count because the gutless bastards in the Senate did not have the courage to impeach him. I suppose those on the left who said that perjury was not an impeachable offense can shut up now since this jackass judge has decided it is worth 30 months in jail.

I am not convinced Libby lied and even if he did it is not worth 30 months in jail. This judge is trying to make a name for himself by being tough but if Libby’s lie was worth 30 months where was this jackass judge when Clinton was deliberately lying to cover up his behavior? I think Libby should have just killed Fitzgerald because then he would be on probation. DC never takes murder that seriously and Libby would be a free man and Fitzgerald would be with Satan where he belongs.

Libby does not have a report date and the judge has not decided whether he should remain free pending his appeal (but has indicated that he sees no reason for it). The President should wait to see if Libby will remain free until his appeal and if he must report to jail the President should immediately pardon him. I don’t really care if the left likes it and Fitzgerald can suck wind along with his butt buddy judge. President Bush should thumb his nose at them and pardon Libby so he can move on with his life. Clinton seems to be doing well after his episode of perjury and Libby deserves the same.

If Hillary Rodham makes any comments about the sentence people should remind her that her sex offender husband was guilty of the same and then someone should kick her between her legs and make her testicles land in her throat. If Bush pardons Libby and she has a word to say then they should kick her there again and remind her of Mark Rich and all the other people her husband sold his pardons to.

As for the Democrats in Congress, if any of them comment on the culture of corruption and Libby then they had better be prepared to see Jefferson end up in jail for a thousand years and not open their yaps. They should also be reminded that their last President should be in a cell next to Libby and that they all should be there as well.

I believe that Libby can win on appeal. Fitzgerald unduly influenced the jury by and he continued even after he had the leak. Had he stopped when his scope had been reached he would not have even spoken with Libby. Spilled milk I imagine, now George Bush needs to grow a pair and pardon the man instead of just feeling awful for him and his family.

Fitzgerald is worthless and someone should kick him between the legs. Of course, it won’t hurt him. you have to have something there to feel pain. But then the judge already knows that.

Big Dog



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