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Why Israel is Backing the Saudi Arms Deal

Posted by thebosun on July 31, 2007

If you listen to Sorros and Media Matters propaganda, you will not hear about this. However, this is why you are reading my blog.

Why Israel Is Backing the Saudi Arms Deal

Courtesy of Time Magazine Tue, 31 Jul 2007 3:29 AM PDT

Saudi F-15 fighter jets escort the plane of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Israel has come out in support of a multi-billion dollar U.S. arms deal to Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. I can’t remember the last time Israel supported a deal like this. Probably because it never has.

And the Israelis make no bones about how we got here: the Bush Administration completely botched the Iraq invasion, allowing Iran to effectively annex Basra and a large part of southern Iraq. The Israelis’ nightmare is that there will be some sort of domino effect, the Iranians moving down the Arab side of the Gulf. (Times has to “blame bush about something,” Bosuns emphasis)

The Israelis also believe the Iraq fiasco emboldened Iran to incite its Palestinian allies. Israel holds Iran at least partially responsible for Hamas’s coup in Gaza. An Administration official, speaking privately, agrees. Today, Iranian couriers cross the border from Egypt into Gaza daily carrying bags of money to keep Hamas afloat.
For the complete article: Why Israel is Backing the Saudi Arms Deal


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