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Mega-terror threats add to market woes

Posted by thebosun on August 16, 2007

A balloon of no-money-down home loans and easy credit for corporate buyouts, followed by the perfect storm of inflation and declining home values, has set the stage for what economic experts believe could end up a literal “meltdown” in the global economy.  It’s the result of a combination of factors, but some warn that as bad as it is – Wall Street has lost about 10 percent of its value in the past few weeks – it would undoubtedly be aggravated by a major terrorist attack, which would create tremors felt by millions. 

“We’ve never had a crisis like this while we’re at war,” said Craig R. Smith, president of Swiss America Trading, and an expert on financial issues including tangible assets.

Read the latest news now on  Worldwide financial contraction would be aggravated by attack

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2 Responses to “Mega-terror threats add to market woes”

  1. Rosemary said

    That is a few segments of the market. The market always washes its masses. It’s just like the business cycle. It is not as bad as everyone is making it out to be, though.

    This is why you are supposed to diversify! Did not everyone learn this from Enron? If not, I have no compassion for them.

    I’ve been watching the housing market myself, because I want to catch it somewhere between a free-fall and stable base. I am looking forward to owning my first home, and I would never pay these ridiculous prices. Neither would I borrow so much money I could never pay it back.

    Is that why I keep getting all of these free offers from the credit card world? lol.

    Hi, Bos’un! 😉

  2. thebosun said

    Thank you Rosemary. Have a great Blogging Day!

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