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John Edwards; A Study in Contrasts

Posted by thebosun on August 18, 2007

John Edwards; A Study in Contrasts

Courtesy of Big Dog on Aug 18, 2007 in Political Commentary, Link Fest

Edwards woman 

John Edwards wants to be the President of the United States. He ran in 2004 and when he did not gain the nomination he ran as Kerry’s running mate and that ticket was soundly defeated. Edwards is an interesting fellow because he says so many things that are not true or that defy logic and he expects people to believe them. I guess the real unfortunate thing is there are actually people in this country who believe what Edwards has to say.

John Edwards talks about how he is for the average guy and he gets $400 haircuts. I could get about 35 haircuts at my barber for that kind of money. He discusses this two Americas theme where the poor are downtrodden by the wealthy on the other side. However, John Edwards has a personal wealth in the millions and he recently had a house built that is large enough to house the poor America he talks about. How can he be a regular guy when he spent more on his house than most people will make in their lifetimes?

Edwards is a sleazy, ambulance chasing lawyer who made juries believe that he spoke to dead children. He made his millions by suing companies and gaining large settlements. His actions (and similar ones by the other sleazy lawyers) are what drive the prices of consumer goods up. This guy is slimy to the nth degree and leads me to ask; “Do we want a guy like this running our country?”

Edwards was recently assailing the right wing media like Fox News and Rush Limbaugh when he made a comment about Ann Coulter. He called Ann Coulter the She Devil. He quickly said that he should not call names and removed that description from his sentence. He then indicated that Coulter had attacked his wife Elizabeth and that She [Ms. Edwards] had stood up to Coulter who was obviously flustered.

This is patently untrue! Coulter was on a show discussing her book when the discussion turned to her use of the word “faggot” when discussing John Edwards. Coulter indicated that the next time she will just say that she hopes Edwards get killed in a terrorist attack (a reference to a similar statement about Dick Cheney that was ignored by the media). Ms, Edwards called in to ask Ann to play nice and stop the name calling. Ann was not flustered though she might have been irritated because more than one person has suggested that the Edwards call was prearranged. I am in the camp that believes it was because immediately after the exchange a plea for money went up at Edwards’ campaign web site. He asked for money and used Ann Coulter and her hate speech as the motive. This guy and his wife are charlatans who will use every sleazy trick to get money and to win the White House. It is interesting that Edwards popped off with the She Devil remark while crying about Coulter calling him a name.

All of this aside, I have one major observation that does not deal with this banter. I do not think Edwards should be in the White House but not because he is sleazy. We have had presidents who were of less than honorable character (like Bill Clinton) so one more would make little difference (and the candidates from both parties have more sleaze than just this guy). I am opposed to John Edwards because he is a pussy who can not fight his own battles and who sends a woman out to do it for him. John Edwards sends his wife out to pick the fights and then they get on their web site and beg for money to beat these awful Republicans. I suppose that the only reason he mentioned Coulter this time is because he is running low on cash.

So here we have a guy who is effeminate and in now way portrays an image of a real man. He has no swagger, no masculinity, no toughness and he sends his wife out to fight for him. Is this the kind of guy we want standing up to China, Russia, Iran or any other nation that would love nothing more than to see the demise of the US? I think not! Imagine if China began saber rattling and it involved a US response. Elizabeth, could you call China and tell them to stop. Get them to pick a fight so we can get the American people on our side by telling them how mean the Chinese are for picking on a woman, especially one with cancer.

So, despite the many contrasts that define John Edwards, the most unpleasant one is the contrast that says he is a man. He looks like a man and I am sure he has an XY chromosome but he acts like a little girl. He is a sissy and we do not need a sissy running this country. Look at that picture and tell me you think “masculine” when you see it.

For what it is worth, Hillary Rodham is more of a man than John Edwards (and we do not need her either).

Sexiest woman alive photo from Webloggin.



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