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Elvira Arellano’s road trip ends in apprehension

Posted by thebosun on August 26, 2007

Courtesy of Sonoran News, the Conservative Voice of Arizona

Left: Elvira Arellano

Above: Michelle Dallacroce, founder of Mothers Against Illegal Aliens, has been on a quest to get Congress to stop ignoring the “under the jurisdiction” clause of 14th Amendment, citing it is absurd to grant citizenship to the children of foreign invaders.

Elvira Arellano’s road trip ends in apprehension

‘… fix this broken law and uphold the principals of human dignity’

By Linda Bentley, Reporter, Sonoran News

    LOS ANGELES – After seeking sanctuary in the Aldalberto United Methodist Church in Chicago, where she has lived for the past year to avoid deportation, Elvira Arellano decided to hold a press conference last Thursday, announcing she would be going to Washington, D.C. on Sept. 12 to lobby Congress to reform our country’s immigration laws.

    After living in the United States illegally for a decade, Arellano still does not speak English and requires an interpreter. However, this time she read, with great difficulty, a speech prepared for her in English.

    Peppered with repeated references to her “American citizen son,” Arellano read, “If this government would separate me from my son, let them do it in front of the men and women who have the responsibility to fix this broken law and uphold the principles of human dignity.” According to the Merriam- Webster Dictionary, dignity is defined as “the quality or state of being worthy, honored, or esteemed.” Arellano, 32, is hardly the portrait of dignity.

    Shortly after entering the country illegally in 1997 using someone else’s identification, Arellano was deported.

    However, she returned almost immediately, working at various jobs in Washington State, later moving to Chicago, using the names Gloria Trevino and Donna Miranda-Baretto and a social security number issued in Wisconsin to Margaret Benez, born May 6, 1920 and who died Sept. 15, 1995.

    That was how Arellano was able to gain access to the secure area of O’Hare International Airport where she worked cleaning airplane cabins.

    That was also what got her arrested and deported after immigration agents did a sweep at O’Hare in 2001.

    In addition to entering the country illegally, engaging in identity fraud, Arellano gave birth to an illegitimate son, Saul, now eight, who would not be an American citizen, had Arellano not reentered the country illegally after being deported.

    With a glowing eight-page pre-sentencing report, stating deportation would be punishment enough, Arellano was charged with a single misdemeanor for fraudulently presenting a social security card that was not issued by the Social Security Administration and was sentenced to three years probation, which prohibited Arellano from remaining in or reentering the United States after being deported.

    Arellano lost the appeal of her deportation order, but instead of surrendering to be deported, Arellano decided to hole up in Rev. Walter “Slim” Coleman’s church.

    During Thursday’s press conference, Arellano, reading from her prepared statement, said, “Families should not be separated. I understand fear because I fear being torn from the arms of my son.” Arellano made the decision to become a fugitive.

    Apparently Arellano had other plans she did not announce during the press conference.

    After the press conference, Michelle Dallacroce, founder of Mothers Against Illegal Aliens, learned Arellano was headed to Los Angeles, accompanied by Coleman and others, where they were to join Coleman’s wife, Emma Lozano, an open borders activist for Latin American illegal aliens and one of Arellano’s closest friends.

    On Friday, Aug. 18, Dallacroce called the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office in Los Angeles and spoke to Agent Bison, advising him of Arellano’s status as a fugitive and that she was on her way to Los Angeles.

    While Arellano’s every move has been covered by the Chicago Tribune, including sending a reporter to Arellano’s home village of San Miguel Cunahuango, Michoacán, Mexico, earlier this year, Dallacroce said no one from the Chicago ICE office contacted ICE in Los Angeles to advise them of fugitive alien Arellano’s road trip.

    The Tribune’s Online edition released breaking news on Saturday announcing Arellano’s arrival at Our Lady Queen of Angels Church in Los Angeles and said she was expected to speak during an illegal alien rights march later that afternoon.

    Dallacroce provided Bison with all the details available at the time.

    On Sunday afternoon, immediately after Arellano and her entourage got into a van to leave Our Lady Queen of Angels Church to head north to San Jose, where Arellano had another speaking engagement scheduled, an unmarked vehicle pulled up to block them.

    As the driver, Roberto Lopez, looked out the window to see why they were being blocked, they were soon surrounded by several more unmarked vehicles.

    Agents got out and yelled for Arellano to get out of the van. Arellano asked to spend a moment with her son, and then surrendered without incident.

    As of Monday, no charges have been brought against Coleman, Lozano or Lopez for aiding, harboring or transporting a fugitive alien.

    Saul will remain in the United States with Lozano, which Arellano reportedly expressed was her wish if she was deported.

    Again, it is Arellano who made the decision to be separated from her son.

    Dallacroce said she planned to go to Washington, D.C. next month and make a citizens’ arrest had Arellano not been apprehended.

    Over the past two years, Dallacroce has been lobbying to get Congress to clarify the “under the jurisdiction” clause of the 14th Amendment, which she says is being purposely misinterpreted in order to grant citizenship to the children of lawbreaking foreign invaders.

    She believes these “jackpot” babies, raised by foreigners, speaking foreign languages, with no allegiance to this country, will eventually negate the votes of American children.

    Dallacroce says Arellano’s sense of entitlement, based solely upon having given birth to an illegitimate son, after committing identity fraud and reentering the country illegally after being deported, emphasizes just how preposterous it is to grant citizenship to the children of foreign criminals, as she implores Congress to clarify the misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment for the sake of her own and all American children.

    That’s the broken law Dallacroce says needs fixing.


5 Responses to “Elvira Arellano’s road trip ends in apprehension”

  1. How in this post-9-11 world did Elvira Arellano get a got cleaning
    airplanes at O’Hare?

  2. thebosun said

    Thank you for your comment regarding my post. I do not have a clue how and why the illegal immigrant poster girl got a job at O’Hare in this post-9/11 world. We mush have an incompetent bunch of buffoons running the show at O’Hare (and other transportation agencies).

  3. thebosun said

    There is light at the end of the tunnel if states and employers take proactive action. In Arizona, July 2007, Governor Janet Napolitano signed a tough, new law that imposes penalties on employers who hire illegal immigrants.

    Excerpts of her press release:

    In a written statement accompanying House Bill 2779, the Governor said she took the tandem action because Congress has failed miserably. She wrote, “Immigration is a federal responsibility, but I signed HB 2779 because it is now abundantly clear that Congress finds itself incapable of coping with the comprehensive immigration reforms our country needs. I signed it, too, out of the realization that the flow of illegal immigration into our state is due to the constant demand of some employers for cheap, undocumented labor.”

    House Bill 2779 takes the most aggressive action in the country against employers who knowingly or intentionally hire undocumented workers. The new law requires employers to verify that the people they employ are present in the country legally; knowing or intentional failure to do so will cause the employer’s business licenses to be suspended. A second offense can result in the “business death penalty” – permanent revocation of an employer’s licenses to do business in Arizona.

    The bill’s provisions do not take effect until January of 2008, allowing ample time for the state legislature to pass the necessary improvements to the law. The Governor is willing to call for a special session to occur sometime this fall, but will not set the specific date until she has had the opportunity to consult with legislative leaders. The purpose of the special session will be clear: to correct and clarify the law, not to undercut it.

    Today, the Governor also signed Senate Bill 1265 and House Bill 2467. SB 1265 deals with bail for illegal immigrants. Under the law, courts must deny bail to those charged with a felony and who are believed to be in the country illegally.

    Along with signing 2779, the Governor also sent a letter to U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. In it, she asks for improvements to the ‘Basic Pilot’ program – the federal database used to verify legal status.

    The Governor has directed Leesa Morrison, Director of the Arizona Department of Homeland Security, and Roger Vanderpool, Director of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, to intensify efforts related to intercept fraudulent documents used in the business of illegal immigration, and to conduct training with businesses to aid them in detecting fraudulent documents.

    Finally, in a letter to the Special Agent in Charge for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Arizona, Alonzo Peña, the Governor asked that the state be notified when his officers encounter evidence of employers knowingly or intentionally employing illegal immigrants.

    For more information about the Office of the Governor, please visit

  4. MAIA said

    According to the 14th Amendment; – children born to illegal alien females ARE NOT CITIZENS. Arellano and all women illegal in the USA giving birth, their children ARE NOT citizens. Arellano as well, was deported once before and she was without child; she was deported and therefore she was known to the USA a a first time offender of immigration laws. Upon her second entry illegally, she had a child out of wedlock (or so she says). Whe do not know what hospital this child was born in or who the father is. Nevertheless, what is more importnat is that this child was born to a women who was already considered a violator of immigration laws and under a deportation order which she violated upon her re-entry. Thereby, Saul is not a citizen under that interpretationas well. Either way you cut the apple of Arellano’s eye, this child belongs to Mexico and belongs to Elvira. Both are one in the same; both ILLEGAL.

    Remember, Illegal Aliens don’t only come in adult size; they are children and infants too!

  5. thebosun said

    Maia, Thanks for your comments.

    I do not doubt your interpretation of the 14th amendment. Anchor babies should not be given US citizenship.

    Unfortunately, our government has allowed the child to remain in the United States because they feel he is a United States Citizen. Elvira’s sense of her entitlement to stay in the United States was based solely upon having given birth to an illegitimate son, after committing identity fraud and reentering the country illegally after being deported.

    Fortunately she was ordered deported and the deportation was served. Her son should have been deported with her. But the US government will not do it. Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel allowed the child to remain in the United States.

    the Fourteenth Amendment currently is being interpreted to grant automatic birthright citizenship to children born in the United States of illegal alien parents (called anchor babies because under the 1965 immigration Act, they act as an anchor that pulls the illegal alien mother and eventually a host of other relatives into permanent U.S. residency). This clearly is contrary to the original intent of Congress and the States in ratifying the Fourteenth Amendment.

    The United States did not limit immigration in 1868 when the Fourteenth Amendment was ratified. Thus there were, by definition, no illegal immigrants and the issue of citizenship for children of those here in violation of the law was nonexistent. Granting of automatic citizenship to children of illegal alien mothers is a recent and totally inadvertent and unforeseen result of the amendment and the Reconstructionist period in which it was ratified. It is preposterous it is to grant citizenship to the children of foreign criminals. We must petition Congress to clarify the misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment and get rid of the “anchor baby” provision.

    The misinterpretations of the 14th Amendment need fixing or this mockery of US laws will continue.

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