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American Thinker Defines Liberalism

Posted by thebosun on September 28, 2007

Just in from WeblogginBookworm has been published in today’s issue of American Thinker. This is on the heels of having two Webloggin articles linked up in American Thinker last week.

Here’s a small sampling of her great insights in Regressives.

And then there’s the word “liberal.”  It comes from the Latin “liber,” meaning free, so the word “liberal” originally referred to one committed to freedom.  Over time, however — indeed, in our lifetime — it came to mean one thing:  someone who could not win an election.  Clearly, it was time for a change.

Liberals, after some bold attempts to reclaim the title for themselves (and they’ve got the bumper stickers to prove it), decided to jettison the term entirely and come up with a new word to describe themselves.  They are now “Progressives.”  The word “progressive” means to advocate beneficial change and progress, and that’s certainly what Progressives would have the American people believe they offer.

By giving themselves this label, however, the Progressives have proven yet again that there’s no delusion quite as powerful as self-delusion.  The fact is that, if you pick apart each of the Progressives’ stands on any major issue of the day, you’ll see that either they have staked out positions that were either proven false or ineffective decades ago, or they’re still fighting battles that were long ago won, making their efforts redundant (yet still, somehow, harmful to the modern political process).

Bookworm is in the thick of it on the left coast and Webloggin encourage everyone to read the article in full.


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