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Obama wants Gay Military

Posted by thebosun on October 6, 2007

Courtesy of Big Dog posted at his website’s Commentary, Military on October 6th, 2007

Obama Wants Openly Gay Military

For a very long time the United States armed forces had a rule that made it illegal for gay people to serve in the military. Homosexuality was deemed incompatible with military life. When Clinton became President he tried to change that to appease the homo crowd who he had pandered to but the best he could do was get don’t ask, don’t tell passed. Now, B. Hussein Obama wants to end DADT and make it OK for openly gay people to serve. To Obama, since England and Israel do it that way, it is fine. I love the way that liberals say we should do something because some other country does it but let’s give Hussein this one and say that additionally, Israel requires service in the military from everyone when they graduate high school. It is compulsory service so if we should follow Israel’s lead, we need to start making EVERYONE serve in the armed forces.

There area number of reasons that homosexuals should not be serving in the military, though to be honest, in a firefight I would not give a hoot in hell. However, there are more negatives than positives in this issue and the military has to look out for national defense first and foremost. Allowing homosexuals in would be another problem and cause other issues that would take away from the mission of the military. It is not the job of the armed forces to have equality and fairness. Fat people are not allowed, those with poor sight, those with other conditions are not allowed. The military has decided that homosexuality is incompatible with military life and that is how it should stand.

Hussein Obama should also be careful what he asks for because of the unintended consequences. Let us suppose that Obama wins the presidency and has a majority Congress and gets this passed. The recruitment of soldiers would go way, way down. Then Obama would be forced to implement a draft in order to provide national defense, something he claims to have a grasp on. You see, the majority of our enlistees come from the mid west and the south. These areas are full of the Christian right, people who believe homosexuality is an abomination. The liberal elitists in New England and the west coast regions have much fewer people enlisting than does the south and mid west. If Hussein Obama allows gays to openly serve a bunch of people who are in will leave at the end of their hitch and those who thought about joining would skip it. This would mean Obama would have to institute the draft.

I realize that he said that he would bring the troops home so people might not feel any need to have a strong, full strength military. They might feel that way until the next natural disaster comes and there are no guard soldiers to assist or the next attack comes and we do not have the troops to deploy. No, B. Hussein will have to force people to serve, unless of course, his plan is to weaken the military to make it easier for Muslims to take control.

Why is it that Democrats who have never served in the military feel free to use the military for their social experiments?

Military phrases we will have to be careful with if Hussein gets his way:
Is your chute packed?
Go get your sh*t packed.
I’m locked, cocked, and ready to rock.
Who is the rear Admiral?
I only want to see asses and elbows.
Where did you get your training son? Fort Dix, sir.

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10 Responses to “Obama wants Gay Military”

  1. Luke said

    This is complete horse shit. I am in the military and if you were in you would know that it isn’t even an issue any more.

    First off there are gay people in the military already.

    Second there is a lot of openly gay people serving in the military and no body cares.

    Third It would not affect recruitment. The only thing affecting recruitment is that we are in a time of war and as such people know that when they sign up there is a better chance that they could die then if they were to sign up in peace time.

    Fourth, Obama is not a muslim and anyone who suggests that he is hasn’t ever met him and definitely doesn’t know very much about him.

    Fifth, To speak to the point about the phrases, those phrases are already taken out of context now (when no openly gay people are supposed to be serving).

    So Finally, Before you spout stupid shit like this you should first check to see if you have the facts right.

  2. thebosun said

    Piss off, mate. Go rant somewheres else. How about the Daily Kos, or the streets of San Francisco. 🙂

  3. YNC Farme said

    Well, you have no idea how dumb you sound right now. I am a Cheif Petty Officer (E-7) in the United States Navy and I have served my country for the past nine years. I am gay and every command that I have been to has had no problem with me or who I am. I didnt get promoted to Cheif because I wasnt doing my job, it was because I worked my ass off… So don’t you dare say that I would ‘fuck’ up your military, because its not yours, its mine, I took an oath to defend against all evil, foriegn and domestic…not your ass. I deserve to serve just like everyone else.

  4. Jimmah said

    Well the UCMJ does not need cocksuckers ruining the military- your personal preference to chug cock is just that- It should never be an issue to be forced to serve with a sexual deviant. Allow this then the next just ok thing is pedophilles and rapist- you are no different- and you may be a chief (pretty) officer but I’d bet cash money you never served a minute in a combat environment- the majority issues of readiness and adaptability trump a bunch of faggots serving- Do your country a favor and get a job that really wants you there- the military is no place for fags and dikes, hidden or not. We never wanted you, and we never will!!!!
    Retired Disabled Veteran

    • All_American_Bush said

      My sexual and political preference is BUSH so I agree that fags should stay out of the military. I am in the middle of my career and unlike the before posted chief fudge packer of the navy or the probable supply clerk at the top, I have seen multiple deployments as an infantryman. That is where the problems would and should take place. Do what you do on the west coast but don’t bring that poop dick to my unit.

  5. Jimmah said

    This is to luke-
    if he isn’t a muslim then how did he attend an all muslim school for 8 years in indonesia- was he a christian then-

    • All_American_Bush said

      and if he isn’t a muslim then why did he state that America is no longer a christian nation. I’m sorry no christian would deny god in front of the world. Look it up bitch.

  6. Bos'un said

    A lot of emotions on this topic

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