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MND-North Soldiers liberate 2 from al Qaeda prison during Operation Phantom Phoenix (Baquba)

Posted by thebosun on January 22, 2008

Our troops saved two iraqi citizens from an AQ prison. I think this shows how the CLC groups are a threat to the dirtbags! Their support base is going POOF and they don’t like it!
Our troops are winning this dogfight!!!

“We could hear voices inside the room,” said Spc. Christopher Nollenberg, a cavalry scout with 2-1 CAV., who was one of the first to enter the chamber. “They called out for help and told us they were prisoners.”
Inside were two adult male prisoners. Both were contracted by Coalition Forces as electricians to install power lines. They had bruises on their backs and legs. Soldiers found braided wire cords, cables and a strap hooked to the ceiling used to hold the prisoners while they were beaten.


They were bound and blindfolded and taken to the prison chamber. They were routinely beaten and questioned during their first three days of captivity. AQI operatives asked the men for names of Concerned Local Citizens in their towns, and also asked them who in the area supports the CLCs and who wants to join the CLC group.


“These people (AQI) don’t deserve to live,” said one victim. “I will remember for the rest of my life the day that the Coalition forces gave me a second chance to live.”

Full news release in link:
MND-North Soldiers liberate 2 from al Qaeda prison during Operation Phantom Phoenix (Baquba)


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