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Ann Coulter on when it’s OK to talk to tyrants

Posted by thebosun on May 29, 2008

Columnist Ann Coulter continues her analysis of Barack Obama’s desire for open-ended talks with Iran’s President Ahmadinejad, the world’s only dictator, she says, “we’re not allowed to compare to Hitler.”

Writes Coulter: “The only explanation for liberals’ hysterical zealotry in favor of Obama’s proposed open-ended talks with Ahmadinejad is that they seriously imagine crazy foreign dictators will be as charmed by Obama as cable TV hosts whose legs tingle when they listen to Obama (a condition that used to be known as ‘sciatica’).

“Because, really, who better to face down a Holocaust denier with a messianic complex than the guy who is afraid of a debate moderated by Brit Hume?”

Read Coulter’s latest column now at You can’t appease everybody


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