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Liberalism in the media: ABC’s Roberts Ignores Radicalism of ‘Maverick Priest’ Pfleger

Posted by thebosun on June 27, 2008

Courtesy of Newsbusters:  ABC’s Roberts Ignores Radicalism of ‘Maverick Priest’ Pfleger

Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts treated Father Michael Pfleger to a fawning “exclusive” interview on Thursday in which she mostly ignored his radical comments and lauded the “maverick priest,” describing him as “not someone to be silenced.” Although a previous segment featured a single clip of Pfleger’s sermon at the former church of Barack Obama where he viciously attacked Senator Hillary Clinton, Roberts ignored other, more inflammatory remarks by the priest, such as his assertion, made on the same day as the Clinton attack, that “America has been raping people of color and America has to pay the price for the rape!” Of course, Roberts didn’t mention this quote. Instead, she spun Pfleger as someone who is “passionate about the Word” and lauded the anti-crime and poverty work he’s done. At one point, Roberts affectionately stated that “despite being knocked down,” the Chicago priest will continue to wrestle with real problems. Seeming to admire his defiance, the journalist also extolled: “But you also said [in a recent sermon] that you are — you’re not someone to be silenced.”



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