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Honour Killing in America

Posted by thebosun on July 26, 2008

Courtesy of Nunoftheabove:  Honor Killing in America on Fox News

July 25, 2008 by nunoftheabove

One of the ongoing stories that this blog has followed has been that of the murder of Sarah and Amina Said by their father, Yaser Said.  Said allegedly shot his daughters on New Year’s Day in his taxicab in what has been described by some as an “honor killing.” 


Many Muslim’s have resented that description in this case, but this is not an isolated incident in the United States. 


A special will air this weekend that will examine not only the case of the Said sisters, but others as well.

Saturday, July 26 at 8 p.m. ETFOX News Anchor Megyn Kelly
Sunday, July 27 at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET

Hosted by Megyn Kelly

Unimaginable crimes — fathers killing daughters, brothers killing sisters — to restore their family’s


FOX News Anchor Megyn Kelly

“honor.” It’s been all too common in places like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Middle East. But now a FOX News investigation exposes how this heinous crime against women has arrived in America.

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7 Responses to “Honour Killing in America”

  1. thebosun said

    OK, Who watched the FOX News special? What did you think? It was straightforward and very compelling to me.

    In the one segment, did you hear the brother curse the news reporter and say **** America? He is in America. I think he should be deported. That was messed up, cursing the reporter and cursing America when being asked if he knew were his brother was. And, the police do not have any reason for a search warrant to look in his house.

    Now I just read WND and look at the statistics from UK:

    1 in 3 Muslim students approve killing for Islam
    ‘Stop talking about celebrating diversity and focus on integration and assimilation’

    Link to the WND ARTICLE

    If ignorance and poverty are responsible for the growth of extremist views in the Islamic world, someone needs ask Muslim students, privileged enough and bright enough to attend some of the United Kingdom’s best universities, why one-in-three of them endorses killing in the name of Islam.

    The report of this finding, based on a poll of 600 Muslim and 800 non-Muslim students at 12 universities in the UK, and conducted by YouGov on behalf of the Center for Social Cohesion, will be released tomorrow as “Islam on Campus.”

    Among its findings of Muslim beliefs:

    *40 per cent support introduction of sharia into British law for Muslims
    *One-third back the idea of a worldwide Islamic caliphate based on sharia law
    *40 per believe it is unacceptable for Muslim men and women to associate freely
    *24 per cent do not think men and women are equal in the eyes of Allah
    *25 percent have little or no respect for homosexuals.
    *53 per cent believe killing in the name of religion is never justified (compared with 94 per cent of non-Muslims), while 32 per cent say it is
    *57 percent believe Muslim soldiers serving in the UK military should be able to refuse duty in Muslim countries
    *More than half favor an Islamic political party to support their views in parliament
    *One-third don’t think or don’t know if Islam is compatible with Western views of democracy
    “Significant numbers appear to hold beliefs which contravene democratic values,” Hannah Stuart, one of the report’s authors, told the London Times. “These results are deeply embarrassing for those who have said there is no extremism in British universities.”


    There are some really server problems with the radicalized 7th century religion of hate. Who let the dogs out? Mohammad better what his arse!

  2. deciders said


    Way to equate the horrible murders at the hands of this evil man to the entire philosophy of Islam. You’ve really outdone yourself this time. In your delusional opinion, do the frequent sex scandals rocking the Catholic church prove Catholicism’s “evil”?

    Hate much?

  3. thebosun said

    Did you watch the fox news special about honour killings? Have you really studied the honour killing phenomena? I do not think so, and, I am not sure you know what you are talking about.

  4. deciders said

    I don’t need to watch a FauxNews special to learn about honour killings. There are plenty of honour killings in India- when should we invade that country, brave BoBo? Does the Hindu culture pose a threat to America? I haven’t read any of your rants against them. Keep hatin’, it just makes you look foolish.


  5. thebosun said

    Keep denying reality, my friend. What I noticed about you is that you type with a slight vengeance and are somewhat antagonistic. You use the name BoBo to address me with further projects your elitist and superior attitude. My friend, take a chill pill and relax.

    Otherwise you will end up looking like Nancy Pelosi. 🙂

  6. deciders said

    Denying reality? Your concept of reality is delusional. Do you not recognize that honour killings haunt women of many cultures and religions? Of course not. REALITY might prove a hindrance in the advancement of your hate based platforms.

    I’m chill, BoBo. Cool as a cucumber. You’re the one suffering from some sort of apocalyptic paranoia. Tell me wise one, when will the end of the world be upon us?


  7. thebosun said

    You are a vegetable alright. 🙂

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