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Should Shari’ah Law be included in US Law?

Posted by thebosun on July 26, 2008

Some Mohammedans would argue that Shari’ah is a Mohammedan’s right no matter where they live. The Archbishop of Canterbury seems to think that Shari’ah should be instituted in the UK. It has been up for vote in Canada. The Ford Foundation, among others, have floated the idea here.

One might point out that Native American Courts and Jewish law in the US may call for consideration in the implementation of Muslim family law in the USA.

Some Mohammedans have complained that they have not been able to received their faith based social services.

I am just wondering how many here would support Shari’ah law in the USA?


A forum member at Hannity ForumBillBrown View Post, asked,

Would this would this include stoning and amputations?
My comment to Bill was, “If that was a prescribed Shari’ah punishment, I suppose that it would have to include that (type of punishment).  (Sarcasm on) After all, we must be sensitive to and respect other cultures. (sarcasm off)

7 Responses to “Should Shari’ah Law be included in US Law?”

  1. A culture that follows laws that are the complete opposite of our country does not belong in our country. It is impossible for Sharia law and laws of the West to coexist in one country.

  2. Bill Brown, why are you a former member of Hannity? Did his liberal mods ban you also? lol!!

  3. thebosun said


    Bill will not see this unless he visits my site. I just cut and pasted his questioned response to my question first posted at Hannity. He caught the flow of the question well and was an excellent response. By the way you also posted and excellent response to my friend. Have a great Kafir day.

    R/ Bosun

  4. thebosun said

    Thanks Chris

  5. Marianne said

    Islam is intolerant. So we should not tolerate a system that has no tolerance for us. Laws should be changed, and the people deported back to their native lands. They do not need to be here.


  6. thebosun said

    Thank you Marieanne. I visited you site and enjoyed the article about the 12th Imam. Keep up the good work….

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    […]Should Shari’ah Law be included in US Law? « The Bos’un Locker[…]…

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