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Have you ever thought that Islam should reform?

Posted by thebosun on September 20, 2008

reform islam  Have you ever thought that perhaps Islam should go through reformation and enlightenment?

Islam is a new religion as Muhammad started receiving recitations in a cave about 610 years after Christ. He was originally run out of Mecca because he preached contrary to Arab tradition and got a following together in Medina to overtake Mecca.

True Muhammad did clean up the Kaaba ( الكعبة ) in Mecca when he returned and cast out about 359 other pagan gods that were worshiped there. Muhammad’s goal with to introduce monotheism into a pagan polytheistic culture. He was influenced by the Jews, Christians, and Persians surrounding the Arabian Peninsula. By the way, allah was one of the 360 pagan gods worshiped in Mecca before Muhammad cleansed the Kaaba. He kept allah and threw out the rest……

It took Muhammad a short 20 years to spread Islam through the Arab peninsula. After his death it took about another 100 – 200 years to spread Islam (by the sword) from Spain to India. The Kafir ( كافر ) eventually cast out the radical Islamists (who incidentally have tried to restore the Islamic Golden Age Caliphate). It is the desire of the new generation of radical Islamists to reestablish the Caliphate.

It is my desire that the multitude of moderate Muslims go through a reformation and enlightenment and excommunicate the radicals from their mists.

The people of the book should not have to pay Jizya or submit to the will of allah as some radical Islamists believe. We should be discussing oppression and bigotry by some in the religion of peace. If one would explore how Kafir are treated in some Islamic countries one would realize the extent of disregard for non believers. The twisted and corrupted teachings of Muhammad have caused much pain and suffering to the non-believers…..

In America we are very tolerant and accommodating to all religions and do not restrict Muslim worship. At times, their religious views run contrary to American tradition. I say they should learn to accept American traditions and modify their views (not values) to assimilate into America.

On the whole Muslims are good decent people and I have neighbors who are Muslim. They work in the the stores that I shop at, drive public transportation, and work in all aspects of the private sector. Most all are very industrious and have the American dream.

I am not a bigot. Actually I am compassionate toward moderate Muhammadans. The rest of the radical Muhammadans should be locked away or dispatched to hell, where they cannot hurt anyone including moderates and Kafir.


One Response to “Have you ever thought that Islam should reform?”

  1. Rosemary said

    Bos’un, I’ve been having mixed feelings about this concept for quite a while now. It has been how long since September 11, 2001? Where are the multitudes of moderates? WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY IF THEY EXIST? Please pardon my outburst, but I am no longer a patient person when it comes our country and our men and women in uniform and the people who love them and sacrifice daily so that other ungrateful bastards can retain their freedom. *sigh*

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