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Will Obama betray Lebanon and Israel in favor of Syria?

Posted by thebosun on March 8, 2009

One of my friends, Jibaro, posted a poll on Hannity forum.   Jibaro contends that there is a possibility that President Obama’s administration may betray Lebanon and Israel in favor of terrorism Syria.   Obama’s senior negotiators meeting with Syrians report significant results.

A senior US envoy involved in the first high-level contact between the US and Syria since 2005 has said the talks were "very constructive".  Jeffrey Feltman, acting assistant US secretary of state for the Near East, met officials including Foreign Minister Walid Muallem in Damascus.  Source: New US-Syria talks ‘constructive’

I would like to point out that the Obamanation of United States foreign policy was predictable from day one with Obama’s coin toss for change and the liberals jumping to catch Obama’s loose change toose. 

Many on the left side of American politics totally support the Palestinian cause without knowing the facts.   Many have given money indirectly to Hamas organizations through third party charities.   Many knowingly give directly to Hamas.  Heck, many on the left side of American politics look at Hezbollah as legitimate.  We all can agree that many on the left side of American politics don’t particularly like Christians, and many, including some liberal Jews are anti-Zion and anti-Israel.

Many fail to see that G_d made a covenant with the Hebrew people.

Radical Muhammadans have been trying to disprove the covenant and say that the Qur’an and Old Testament are corrupted from about that time that Muhammad was rejected by the people of the book,Ahl al-Kitāb  ( أهل الكتاب ‎).  Radical Muhammadans are also intent on tearing apart the true faith of Abraham (insert the illegitimate son, Ishmael, as heir apparent, and discounting Isaac.)

In the face of the inexplicable (apology and appeasement of Obamunism) we must keep faith and try to stay true to the course charted by the founding fathers of America. It is difficult given the  conduct of some who claim to be republicans and/or conservative.

This current trend of Obamunism apology and appeasement of terrorists is a fine example of how those who deserted conservatism in the mid term 2006 elections (put Pelosi and Reid in charge of the legislative branch) did more damage to our country than they would like to believe.

During the 2008 Election we had community activism, ACORN and other activist organizations, and a whole bunch of liberals suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome vote in the 2008 elections to enthrone Obamanation.

When it is all said and done, I wonder if those who stayed home during the 2006 mid term elections are happy.  I wonder if those who voted for activism loose change are happy with themselves and their votes, now.

May G_d bless and protect the free world from apology and appeasement of terrorists and the fascism they are trying to spread…


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