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All Hail, President Obama

Posted by thebosun on March 9, 2009

It has been increasingly quiet for American service personnel in Iraq in the past few weeks.   Looks like President Oby won the war, in less than 45 days. Now he can concentrate on pulling the troops out of Afghanistan, pulling the plug on missile shield in eastern Europe, throw eastern European friends under the socialist bus, side with the Russians, throw Israel under the bus, side with the Arabs, etc etc.

all in a days work for President Oby.

But, Iraq, President Oby won the war in less than 45 days. He straightened out Bush’s Quagmire…..


5 Responses to “All Hail, President Obama”

  1. Hey Bosun,
    Yeah, he finished it, didn’t he? Too bad, cuz look at all the crap he’s into now. I love the President Obi though. That gave me a good yuck.

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  3. Hey Bosun,
    You still out there? Have a new blog or site? Let me know – I’m updating my blogroll.

    Take care man,

  4. john said

    oh yeah the surge worked great withoy it there would not have been ISIS

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