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Posted by thebosun on December 23, 2008

Courtesy of the FBI


Defendant Shredded Documents and Lied to FBI Agents

WASHINGTON—Saubhe Jassim Al-Dellemy, age 67, an Iraqi national living in Maryland, pleaded guilty today to conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government, specifically, as an agent of Iraq, announced Patrick Rowan, Assistant Attorney General for National Security and U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein.

“Since coalition forces invaded Iraq in 2003, the Justice Department has charged at least a dozen people who served in the United States as illegal agents for the former Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein or its feared intelligence service, the Mukhabbarat. The number of these cases underscores the reach of Saddam’s intelligence service in America and the extent to which the former Iraqi regime was concerned with defectors and expatriate groups here,” said Patrick Rowan, Assistant Attorney General for National Security.

“Documents recovered in Iraq by the United States Military led to Saubhe Jassim Al-Dellemy’s confession that he secretly worked as an agent of the Iraqi Intelligence Service under Saddam Hussein, using his restaurant as a meeting place and passing information to Iraqi agents,” said U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein. “Mr. Al-Dellemy lied about his work for Saddam Hussein regime when he was questioned by FBI agents in 2008, long after he became a lawful permanent resident of the United States.”

“The FBI is committed to rooting out and prosecuting those individuals who enjoy the benefits of residing in this country but who are acting on behalf of hostile foreign Intelligence services,” said Amy Jo Lyons, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Baltimore Field Office.

According to the plea agreement, under the regime of Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi Intelligence Service (IIS) routinely recruited individuals, either currently in the United States or to be placed into the United States, to support the IIS and the Government of Iraq. Saubhe Jassim Al-Dellemy, who became a lawful permanent resident of the United States in 2000, was one of these individuals. He was born in Iraq and was a member of the Ba’ath Party. He came to the United States as a student in the 1980s. His education in the United States was paid for by the Ba’ath Party. In exchange, Al-Dellemy was expected to provide information to the Government of Iraq on matters of interest to the government and the IIS.

Following the invasion of Iraq by coalition forces in March 2003, the U.S. military obtained confidential IIS documents establishing that beginning in 1989, and continuing through the Saddam Hussein regime, Al-Dellemy, referred to in many instances by the code name “Adam,” had been providing information to officials of the Government of Iraq and intelligence officers with the IIS. This information included reporting on the identities and activities of individuals and organizations in the United States that were opposed to Saddam Hussein and his regime, and specifics regarding U.S. policy and actions towards the Iraqi government. The seized documents also established that Al-Dellemy periodically received payments from the IIS and the Iraqi government as compensation for his assistance and information.

Specifically, according the plea agreement, throughout the conspiracy Al-Dellemy performed tasks at the Iraqi Embassy and at the Iraqi Interests Section (ISEC), formed in 1991 within the Algerian Embassy in Washington, D.C., after the U.S. severed diplomatic relations with Iraq for invading Kuwait. For example, in 1990, around the time of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, Al-Dellemy assisted in the shredding of Ba’ath Party and other diplomatic documents maintained at the Iraqi Embassy that could compromise the Saddam Hussein regime and identify those individuals in the United States who had been acting as agents of the IIS. Al-Dellemy also attended and organized social gatherings at the Iraqi Embassy and the ISEC, which were used to recruit individuals to work for the IIS; to interact with individuals who were already working with the IIS and Saddam Hussein’s regime; and to maintain the loyalties of the participants to the Ba’ath Party and Saddam Hussein’s regime. Throughout the conspiracy Al-Dellemy made a restaurant he operated in Maryland available as a meeting place for IIS officers and Iraqi government officials, and utilized his restaurant as a means to gather information pertaining to U.S. government agencies near the restaurant, such as the National Security Agency and Fort George G. Meade.

Throughout the conspiracy, Al-Dellemy relied on fellow Ba’ath Party members and/or sympathizers to provide him with information about the Iraqi opposition in the United States, including members of the Iraqi community in Detroit, Michigan. Al-Dellemy also gathered information in Maryland regarding U.S. military training and travel concerning U.S. actions in Iraq.

Al-Dellemy, at the request of Iraqi government officials, sought out individuals for employment at the ISEC and in 2000, arranged for a coconspirator to be employed full-time at the ISEC as an accountant and a driver. This coconspirator continued his employment at the ISEC through March 2003, then resumed his employment at the Iraqi Embassy when it reopened in Washington, D.C., in December 2003. The coconspirator continued to work at the Iraqi embassy until March or April 2004. The coconspirator acted as a conduit between Al-Dellemy, Ba’ath Party members and loyalists in Detroit, and IIS and ISEC officials to transmit information of interest to the IIS, the Saddam Hussein regime, and the Ba’ath Party. Al-Dellemy was never recognized by the Department of State or the Attorney General of the United States as a diplomatic or consular officer of the Government of Iraq, or officially or publicly acknowledged and sponsored as an official, representative, or employee of Iraq.

According to the plea, Al-Dellemy never revealed his affiliation with the Ba’ath Party in applications to the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (now U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) for residency status in the United States, in an effort to conceal his activities as an agent for the Iraqi government. In addition, at the end of March 2003, Al-Dellemy and others destroyed numerous Ba’ath Party documents and related literature in his possession that would have compromised the activities of Al-Dellemy and his coconspirators as agents of the Iraqi government in the United States. On Oct. 13, 2008, during an interview with FBI agents, Al-Dellemy falsely denied passing information to the IIS and the Iraqi government, denied receiving payment from the IIS, and denied collecting information on the Iraqi opposition movement and reporting that information to the IIS.

Al-Dellemy faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison for conspiracy to act as an agent for a foreign government. U.S. District Judge Richard D. Bennett has scheduled sentencing for March 5, 2009 at 2:00 p.m.

Patrick Rowan, Assistant Attorney General for National Security and U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein thanked the Federal Bureau of Investigation and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for their investigative work. Mr. Rosenstein commended Assistant U.S. Attorney Christine Manuelian, who is prosecuting the case, as well as Senior Trial Attorneys Robert E. Wallace and Clifford I. Rones, from the Counterespionage Section of the Justice Department’s National Security Division, who provided assistance in the case, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Harvey E. Eisenberg, Chief of National Security, who supervised this case.

FBI Home Page

Baltimore Home Page

Baltimore Press Releases

Privacy Policy

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Obama’s Kingdom of God on Earth

Posted by thebosun on October 8, 2007

In a story sounding like a Mel Brooks movie,  Senator B. Hussein Obama, a democrat presidential contender spoke at an evangelical church in Greenville, South Carolina, saying that Republicans no longer have a firm grip on religion in political discourse. 

According to CNN, “I think its important particularly for those of us in the Democratic Party to not cede values and faith to any one party,” Obama told reporters outside the Redemption World Outreach Center where he attended services. ……  “Democrats were fearful of talking about faith, and on the other hand you had the Republicans who had a particular brand of faith that often times seemed intolerant or pushed people away….I think that’s a healthy thing, that we’re not putting people in boxes, that everybody is out there trying to figure out how do we live right and how do we create a stronger America,” Obama said…….”We’re going to keep on praising together. I am confident that we can create a Kingdom right here on Earth.”  Source: Obama: GOP doesn’t own faith and values

Man, is it getting deep now. The liberals have really become religious as of late, haven’t they?  B. Hussein Obama appears to be desperate and trying to do anything to catch up in the polls. 

It makes me chuckle when I see all the political candidates tripping all over themselves and each other trying to make like they are more “religious” that the next guy or girl. 

The new left democrats mantra, “I found G-D,” or, “I am inspired to do G-D’s work” is a little too much.  The candidates sound more like the Blues Brothers that real candidates.  We even have non political chuckleheads like Michael Vick and Paris Hilton have chanted the “I found G-d, amen” defense.  Back to B. Hussein Obama’s performance on Sunday, this is a made for the cinema movie script on the par a Mel Brooks parody.

Presidential candidates should run on issues and not what they think the public wants. You gotta admit that B. Hussein Obama’s visit to the church and his speech about establishing the Kingdom of God on Earth is a little suspect. One would begin to suspect.  B. Hussein Obama, go ahead and get your poll numbers up and set up the utopian Kingdom on earth. 

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Unemployment Low, Stock Market High — But NYT Sees Economy In "Turmoil"

Posted by thebosun on October 5, 2007

Courtesy of Times Watch

Unemployment Low, Stock Market High — But NYT Sees Economy In “Turmoil”

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has soared of late, closing Wednesday at 13,968, just a hundred points off its all-time high of 14,087 reached on Monday. The unemployment rate was a low 4.6% in August. Yet if you believe Times reporters and headline writers, the economy is in crisis and turmoil.

The front page of Dealbook, a special business section of the Times included in Wednesday’s paper, trumpeted: “After the Party.” The text box read: “In a market gone sour, the messy business of buyouts puts reputations on the line.”

Andrew Ross Sorkin’s actual article on buyouts and related credit market problems didn’t directly address the stock market, but it was misleadingly accompanied by an archive photo of the floor of the New York Stock Exchange being swept up in 1938, implying that the current stock market had “gone sour.” But the market had closed the following day, Tuesday, at 14,047, just one day off its all-time high Monday of 14,087.

On Thursday’s Page 1, resident economic gloom merchant Louis Uchitelle’s “For Baltimore, Housing Slump Slows a Revival” had uncovered national economic “turmoil” by the end of his second paragraph.

“Until recently, the ballyhoo was not much needed. The revival was going well, in Baltimore and in other cities making the transition away from manufacturing. But now, the banners are the most visible evidence of the incipient damage to this major American city from the turmoil in the national economy.

“As home sales dry up, tax revenues fade, foreclosures surge and hiring declines, a new caution is inhibiting activity.”

Also on Thursday, in the Business section, reporter Edmund Andrews found yet another economic “crisis” brewing in “Democrats Split on Ways to Ease Housing Crisis.”

“Democratic leaders in Congress remain divided about how to address the growing crisis in housing and home foreclosures involving borrowers who took out subprime mortgages.”


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On The Spot: Should Congress Make Taxpayers Subsidize Columbia University?

Posted by thebosun on September 26, 2007

Congressman Huntercolumbia university Courtesy of

Rep. Duncan Hunter (Republican – California) on Monday threatened to cut off federal funding to Columbia University in New York City, which on Monday hosted Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for a speech and question-and-answer session with students.  (Iran, according to the State Department, is a state-sponsor of terrorism.)

“If the left-wing leaders of academia will not support our troops,” Hunter said in a statement, “they, in the very least, should not support our adversaries.”

Just why should the taxpayers subside Columbia University’s social agenda?   Since 1969, Columbia has banned military recruiters since 1969 and will not sanction a ROTC program.

Prior to the Vietnam War, Columbia cadets had peacefully coexisted with their classmates since the inception of ROTC in 1916. Columbia’s dedication to service was profound—at one point in its history the university was producing more officers per year than even the U.S. Naval Academy. In spite of Columbia’s military tradition, the administration expelled ROTC programs from campus in 1969 to appease student protesters and disgruntled faculty. When the war in Vietnam ended in 1975, students resumed their studies and the protests faded away. Columbia’s ban on ROTC, however, has remained to this day.  Source: Advocates for Columbia ROTC.

For the rest of the CNSNews story: On The Spot: Should Congress Make Taxpayers Subsidize Columbia University?

Duncan has already written a letter to Columbia University President Bollinger and releases a press release;

Press Release/Statement

For Immediate Release
September 22, 2007

CONTACT:  Joe Kasper
(202) 225-5672


Washington, D.C. – In a letter to Columbia University President Lee Bollinger, U.S. Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) today criticized the University for inviting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak to students and faculty this coming Monday, September 24th.

 “This leader of state, which supports terrorists, is presently sending deadly roadside bombs across the Iraqi border to injure and kill American troops,” said Hunter.  “Columbia University’s hosting of Ahmadinejad is a slap in the face of the 165,000 U.S. troops serving in Iraq.  As he speaks, his agents will be moving roadside bombs onto the battlefield to be used against America’s military men and women. 

 This event, following the slanderous advertisement by, depicting General Petraeus as “General Betray Us,” represents the emergence of the extreme left-wing of American politics. 

 Hunter concluded, “If this event takes place as scheduled, I intend to introduce legislation to cut-off Columbia University from every form of federal assistance.  If the left-wingers of academia will not support our troops, they, in the very least, should not support our adversaries.”

Please call, fax, and/or email your congressmen and congresswomen and express your outrage at taxpayer dollars subsiding a social agenda and undermining our military.

Use this link to: Contact Elected Representatives

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Ramos and Compean update; Ex-Border Patrol Agents file appeal

Posted by thebosun on September 25, 2007

Courtesy of the Washington Times

Ex-border agents appeal convictions
September 24, 2007

     Two former U.S. Border Patrol agents sentenced to lengthy prison terms for shooting a drug-smuggling suspect have asked a federal appeals court to overturn their convictions, saying they were charged with a nonexistent crime and convicted after the jury was given improper instructions by the trial judge.

     Houston defense lawyer J. Mark Brewer said two counts of a grand jury indictment against former agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean charged them under a federal statute with the discharge of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence, but the statute does not define a crime and contains only a sentencing factor to be addressed after conviction.

     Mr. Brewer said in a 20-page motion that the “improperly-crafted indictment” misfocused the agents, counsel and jury on a nonexistent crime of unlawful discharge of a firearm, because the agents were authorized to possess, carry and use a firearm in the normal course of their job.

      He said that in order to charge a crime under the government’s 10-year mandatory sentence statute, an indictment “must allege that a defendant either has used or carried a firearm … during and in relation to any crime of violence or has possessed a firearm in furtherance of such a crime.” He said the prosecution “misstated” the crime defined by federal statute.

      Mr. Brewer said the district court “erroneously told the jury the federal statute made it a crime for anyone to discharge a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence.”

     A ruling in the case is expected next month.

     “This is an outrageous case of prosecutorial abuse,” said Paul Kamenar, senior executive counsel for the Washington Legal Foundation, a watchdog group among eight organizations and persons who have filed briefs in support of the agents. “Instead of prosecuting the drug smuggler, the Justice Department filed a dozen felony charges against two agents trying to do their job.”

      The pending appeal is being heard by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans and seeks to overturn 11- and 12-year prison terms Ramos and Compean received, respectively…… For the rest of the story: Appeal

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I Want My Country Back

Posted by thebosun on September 15, 2007


“I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!”- By Rick Roberts 
By Rick Roberts, KFMB San Diego


Here is Rick Robert’s “I want my country back” rant. Rick has given exclusive permission to to post it on every blog you read, and e-mail it to every friend you have. If you would like to listen to it, CLICK HERE. _________________________


I don’t mean to go off on a rant here, but here’s the bottom line, I want my country back.

I want my kids to be able to walk to the store or walk to school without being abducted by some 3-time convicted child molester. And the politically correct powers that be in this country just can’t seem to get over themselves with “CAN’T WE JUST HELP THIS PERSON!” No! You can’t. But they’re let loose to prey on more children.

I want my kids back. I want my country back.

I don’t agree with everything this President does. I’ve never agreed with anything 100% that any President has done or said.

You know, I was very young during the Vietnam War. So I probably missed that thing by a hair. I don’t know whether I would have agreed with that or not at the time. I was too stupid to have an opinion at that point and time even though I thought I did.

I want my country back.

I want some semblance of respect for authority, whether I agree with it all or not.

I want the Boy Scouts to be “boy” scouts, not boy and “we think she’s a girl” scouts. I want Girl Scouts to be “girl” scouts not Girl Scouts and “Bruce.”

I want my country back.

I want to be able to wake up in the morning knowing that I can walk outside without some gang-banger on parole taking my life.

Or being able to go down and purchase a car without having to worry about you know 90% of the parts being made overseas in some sweatshop.

I want my politicians, when they finally do get my vote, to do what the hell they said they were going to do in the first place.

I want the Abramoff’s of the world to be labeled what they…nothing more than organized crime in a better suit.

I want the Hollywood elite to make movies to entertain me. Not use their celebrity to sway me politically one way or the other.

Quite honestly, if you’re a has-been-pseudo-celebrity I want you to go away quietly, so that I can remember you fondly through your “artiste work” that’s left in the archives.

I want people to say something and when they say something look at me in the eye. And mean what they say. Not say what they think I want to hear. And then do what they want to later politically or any other way.

I want to be able to go out and work and make a decent wage and buy a home. Half the people that are listening to me right now can’t even afford to buy a house unless they’re working three jobs.

And I want America to be America. All of those opportunities, all of those things that made her great, I want those returned to the forefront. If you want to come to this country we welcome you with open arms. We simply ask that you abide by our laws. I don’t want you to snub your nose at our laws, then take advantage of our opportunities, and then cling to the constitution most of which you can’t even read because you don’t speak the language.

I want us to secure our borders because the country is worth securing. The people that live here are worth protecting.

I want my country back. I want my children back.

I want some semblance of what this country used to be.

It’s worth protecting. It’s worth defending.

I don’t recognize this country anymore.

Not politically, not philosophically, not spiritually.

Whether you like it or whether you don’t God was a part of building this great nation. To remove him is to take away the very foundation of what this country was all about.

I don’t care about your political correctness!

I don’t want to know your sexual preference!

I could care less about all of that. Stop making it the headline of the day!

That’s not America.

I want my country back!

And the only way I’m ever going to be able to get this country back is if I reach out to the brothers and the sisters that all feel the same way and we say “Hell No! You can’t have our country.”

It’s not for sale! Take the price tag off this country!

Take the price tag off the heads of our children!

Stop it already!

The politically-correct-psychobabble-hug-a-tree-experts ; You are not qualified to release sex offenders back into our neighborhoods.

The southern border, more than any other border, needs to be secured tomorrow. For all those that wish to come to this country to take advantage of her opportunity, to live under a constitution a living document that breathes in and out just like you do, this country is not for sale.

I should know. I’m one of the owners. You can’t sell it without my permission.

I want my country back!

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Hoffa: Bush creating North American Union

Posted by thebosun on September 14, 2007


Courtesy of World Net Daily

Saying he is convinced “the Bush administration has a master plan to erase all borders and to have a super-government in North America,” James P. Hoffa, general president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, celebrated the Senate’s 75-23 vote Tuesday night to block the Department of Transportation’s Mexican truck demonstration project.

He noted the Senate seconded the House’s overwhelming 411-3 vote to pass the Safe Roads Act of 2007, a bill also targeted to block the Mexican truck project.

For the rest of the story at World Net Daily: Teamsters boss: Mexican trucks part of ‘master plan’ for ‘super-government’

Previous stories at World Net Daily:

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Bush doesn’t deny plans for N. American Union

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10,000 protesters expected at North America summit

Bill paves way for Canada’s ‘disappearance’

Protesters to converge on North America summit

Commerce chief pushes for ‘North American integration’

Idaho lawmakers want out of SPP

House resolution opposes North American Union

Residents of planned union to be ‘North Americanists’

Congressman battles North Americanization

North American Union leader says merger just crisis away

‘Bush doesn’t think America should be an actual place’

Mexico ambassador: We need N. American Union in 8 years

Congressman: Superhighway about North American Union

‘North American Union’ major ’08 issue?

Resolution seeks to head off union with Mexico, Canada

Documents reveal ‘shadow government’

Tancredo: Halt ‘Security and Prosperity Partnership’

North American Union threat gets attention of congressmen

Top U.S. official chaired N. American confab panel

N. American students trained for ‘merger’

North American confab ‘undermines’ democracy

Attendance list North American forum

North American Forum

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Premeditated Merger: 1st US – North American Union Drivers License

Posted by thebosun on September 6, 2007

Courtesy of Jerome R. Corsi,

North American Union driver’s license created
Logo intended to standardize documentation across continent

New security logo on the reverse of North Carolina’s driver’s licenses

The first “North American Union” driver’s license, complete with a hologram of the North American continent on the reverse, has been created in the state of North Carolina. “The North Carolina driver’s license is ‘North American Union’ ready,” charges William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration.

Gheen provided WND with a photo of an actual North Carolina license which clearly shows the hologram of the North American continent embedded on the reverse.

Premeditated Merger: 1st U.S. driver’s license for North American Union

Previous stories at World Net Daily:

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Mexican Truckers are now here, Where is the Mainstream Media?

Posted by thebosun on September 5, 2007

DISCLAIMER: The different points of views on the Rick Roberts is not supported nor do they reflect the views and beliefs of the Bosun Locker or any entity affiliated with the Bosun.


Courtesy of Rick Roberts, 760 KFMB AM San Diego 
September 5th, 2007

Get ready… Mexican truckers are hitting American streets starting this Thursday. Yes, President Bush finally got his way.

The President didn’t succeed with amnesty – so instead, he is trying to piecemeal the “selling out of this country” through ways that the lamestream media will not pick up… or just don’t care about.

Are there safety standards for these Mexican trucks?

Well, loose ones at best…

The Mexican drivers are supposed to speak English.

Will they? No.

The cargo is supposed to be check for drugs and illegals.

Will it all be caught? Hell No!!

I’m sure the safety standards and other regulations will be enforced on our nation’s highways, much like the laws are enforced against illegal aliens in our sanctuary city.

…sort of a “don’t ask, don’t tell” free pass, with certain privileges that U.S. citizens don’t get.

The trucks from Mexico won’t be held to the same standards as ours.

The drivers from Mexico won’t be held to the same standards as ours, either.

The trucks provide an outlet for drug lords to smuggle narcotics.

They also provide yet another outlet for coyotes…

Not to mention the potential for yet another drunk illegal alien…

OH! And lets not forget the loss of more American jobs.

But I guess being a truck driver is now just another job that Americans don’t want to do… Right, El Presidente Bush?

It’s just a bad idea all the way around.

The cons outweigh the pros… But you’ll never get the Bush administration or the department of Transportation to admit it.

You will never get them to fess up to the fact that they cannot keep track of every single truck from Mexico.

So, get ready America… Your border is now open for the Mexican trucker, and all that he hauls.

Comments at Ricks Blog, 760 AM, KFMB San Diego

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Ann Coulter: RENO 911

Posted by thebosun on August 29, 2007

Ann Coulter: Dems want to relive their “glory years”

Here we go again, folks. Ann Coulter calls the shots like she sees them. By far, I believe that ANN is the best political referee going.

In today’s column, Ann Coulter writes (that) the Dems’ desire for a return of the “glory years” with former Attorney General Janet Reno. “There is reason to believe Reno is precisely the sort of attorney general that Hillary would nominate, since Reno was widely assumed to be Hillary’s pick at the time,” she writes. “As ABC News’ Chris Bury reported the day Reno was confirmed: ‘The search for an attorney general exemplifies Hillary Clinton’s circle of influence and its clout. … The attorney general-designate, Janet Reno, came to the president’s attention through Hillary Clinton’s brother, Hugh Rodham.'”

Coulter offers a simple tabulation of the accomplishments of Reno and former Attorneys General Alberto Gonzeles and John Ashcroft.

  • Civilians killed by Ashcroft: 0;
  • Civilians killed by Gonzales: 0;
  • Civilians killed by Reno: 80.

Read Ann Coulter’s latest column at World Net Daily: RENO 911

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